Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Expanding the heart
Greater than
What is adored.
The journey
Passes the gate,
Unknown; to where
The thought trample
Its own shadow.
Let me drop
My mask.
Truncate the palpitation
Which hampers
Thy steps incoming.
A single drop
From beyond
Is my wait
Which could
Enliven the very
Becoming of YOU!

Monday, May 27, 2013


Who and for what else
The vision of thee in me

All dried out blotting
The image in the mirror

All rain wail, down
Touching the Earth

And mouth opens wide, in
Crack of thunder

Erected a temple mine
Inside soul divine

Who and for what else
The rescue in sentinel mine

Sunday, May 26, 2013


As and when 
He would hire
A brush, to sip
Depth of paints,
The ragged canvas
To orb the soul.
A little imagery
Peeps, from
Behind the ledger
Debiting the remaining
Dripping skin, hanging
For a moment
In touch of bones.
Ridicule NOT
The throat Lump
Which gathers huge.
One day the same
Pangs of pain, will
Make you all,
The receiver; to smile
On all fronts
Silence beyond!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Did I called YOU
Under silent cover
To shine;
O, Moon!

Morning bridegroom 
Is getting ready
To envelop YOU 

Layered silence
Pass every call.
Was that not YOU,
The Moon and the Sun!


Never knew why for truth
Turf of grass
Sod on surface soil
Hang under the roots maze

Is it a puzzle
through which
Utensil of love
Cooks its palatable food

Is denizen of love
Occupy the ember core
From where the flares
Evoke sentient form

Why for the ambience
Of eternal love
Is denigrated
In eternal death

Never stamped upon any Aliens
Far off THERE,
Green grass sodding
With roots so strong


Bailing out visibility
Scooping the surface 
From treasure unkempt
Caos reigned abound

Respite in suppleness
Flow as a flux, and
Melted evenly around
In thy love infinite

Blind me with visibility
Bind me with your vision
You look ever beauteous
In thy hidden realily

Monday, May 20, 2013


Nudge thy light
Even if the fire
Burns me down.
Herald thy beginning
In thy golden touch.
Bygone were the days
Embarrassed I squirmed
Wriggling in pain.
Many a thunder cracked
Behind the dark doom.
Plenty of penalty
Gained I in the living.
Thee caught the culprit
Bounded by life.
What stroke of faith
Written in thought
And memory volatile
An instant cried joy
An end oozed silence

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Only the scrub
Gives respite
Where in horizon
The desert meet

A dreamy creek 
gurgle the flow
Down the throat

Only the life
Gives a chance
Where in dungeon
Silence meets graveyard

A dreamy shadow
Mirror the soul
Down divinity lane


"_/\_ Decided to use Facebook to bare minimum. _/\_"
~ Raghavan Nambiar Ji's FB update

Penned the poem below in response... _()_

I have a tender heart
Deny not thy saunter pass
How can I define myself
When thee had stamped
A definition of unknown me
Thee know not in limitless times
Have hold my breath
To listen to thy resonance:
In America meeting relations
The story of lost spectacles
Lastly found, system promptness
or in Kannur, walk at shore.
The amalgamation of all
Marrying Science with Spirituality
The Feynman or J. Krishnamurty
The Gita, The Bible or the Koran.
Thy Father's Heavenly abode, Oh!
Never the days of mine
Were full brighter than 
These countless days.
O, there the most
Respectful Raghavan Ji
Pardon me thus
For my unhindered pouring
Requesting a touch of potion
Whose mere ozure kindles
Many a universe and cells many
I always require thy blessing 
Naman _()_

At the least
The music of words in WORDS 
Always plays with the Soul!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Devotion drunk
Cultivated a thought
To plant 'Kalptaru'
(Wish fulfilling tree)

Perspiring pores
Gazed the aftermath
Summoning eternal faith

Wondering about
The unborn child
Couched in the womb

Religion pounced
From sides all, and
Child cried a cry

If the judgement was
About religion, the birth
Was passion nullified

Devotion drunk
Ripped the thought
In pieces afloat

Who cares the root
When hunger strikes
The begotten faith

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Listen to this
My dear Soul

Who pipe the bones
In sounds eternal

Many holes peep
Beckoning thy touch

Don't blame me
If ever I orb silence

Count not my name
Erect not bust of dust

Same blazing Sun
The same murky Moon

Blow thy wind
Take me away far

A stranger I feel
All are stranger HERE

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


More colour, still
Is left behind,
To paint
The vision of you.
Why you stand
Silhouette, behind
My dream.
Do thee
Know not, that
Thy transparency
Will, vanish away
The sooner,
you will be
Knock off
With light dim.

Monday, May 13, 2013


How supple is thy form
Which passes all strom
Unearthing the meaning
Which lay in the act
Where none other than
The Sun and the toil
The labour of love,
Get drenched 
in the wetness
Thy sweet aroma
Bearing the fruit 
Nourished in the soil


How far
Will you flutter
With your
Wings of words
He remains
Silent THERE
And makes
Friendship with all!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


A dream wafted
Gravitons attached
On the surface
Of the Moon,
Pondering tranquil
Inside crater cool.
Lessened by thy
Gravity pull,
Words remained not
In possession mine.
Reflective ambience
Turned its gaze,
All alone.
THAT was,
Not my territory own.
Where the flight
Remained unsated,
Dark energy.
Behind the matter dark.
Let me choose
My destination next,
With no charge
And mass null!


Orb with thy new light
Hey Lord
Day goes running by
Tear also had dried
I hold my breath
A moment
To feel thy soul

So lonely days passes by
Why your feet are heavy
In clarion call

My life respire through mouth
Holding my breath warm.
Show me your face
Hey YOU!

My mirror has broken.
I could hear,
Thy call continuously.

You can't leave me bereft
My memory dies down
In wakeful moments
Again and again

Have made dirty
My whole face
With all those
Gush of salty tide
Of warm water

Play, Hey YOU!
Me and YOU
The child and
The eternal YOU!!

Are YOU not mine
O, Dear!
Don't let me tread
In ruthless desert
Let me sip thy love

Who knows
When the journey
Will stop

O, Dear!
O, My lovely Dear!!
Hold me in YOUR lap

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Count me not
For the drop
Count me for
An ocean
Which I see
In thine eyes

Count me not
For blue orb above
Count me for
An universe
Which play
In thine eyes

Count me not
For the words
Count me for
An ode
Which sings
Thy praise

Count me not
For a rose
Count me for
The love
Which thee
Plant in roses

Spill thy love!


Parted mouth
Could not fathom
The cry,
Was that milk
Or the love
Which rained from
The Nectar tip!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Advertisement came 
Flasing a discount:
If you buy 'one'
'Two' will be honored

Taking a loan THERE
HE bought me HERE

It was just the fusion
Which expanded in fission

A live telecast it was
All life in panaroma expanded

Plethora of loss and gain
Checked 'my account'

All was just perfect
When the shreik was heard

When the money lender
Asked for his pay-back!

Dumbfounded thump sat
HE lay brooding!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Brooded all day
About the meaning
Of poetry whole

Why the mason
Write not
On the stones

Why NOT!

The shoemaker
Thread stitch
On shoes layer

The astronaut
Bump write
On surface Mars

The carpenter
Shaping woods
Glitter finish

Why NOT!

The sculptor
Chisel carve
Sand perfect

The blacksmith
Hammer hot
Iron ink

Sign foretaken
With an imagery
Held empty

What befalls
In turn of
Pejorative words

It Distances me
From the touch
The muse divine!


Truth always plays
At the bravery, of
Agony and ecstasy

Glance at me, not.
I wilt at thy
Petty ambivalence

Who counts
An account of madness
Will it recompense?

Lofty my prayer
Ascends not
In horrors and pain

Lard only remains
In broken hearts
Flesh apart!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


With muted respect
Bid adieu
The laughter and
Consequences all
Who knows, whence
The pairing will happen
Bone to bone
One alive the
Other dead!


O, conqueror of the Conqueror!
Enlighten with thy downpour
Sift the dying muse outpour
Who hears THERE
In hushed silence, and
Panacea rushed from inside
In gurgle of infinite residue
It passed through the whole
Blazing away the crossed path

O, THERE! Enliven me HERE!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Tomorrow again
And the Sun
Will rise
Only the dream
Will give a pause
In between
The night

The workings
And the flow
Only the dream
Will give respite
In between
The deaths

All lay
In atoms
And strings
Only the prickle
Will stop
Where the pus
Comes out


Time's scythe
Cuts Sharp
Whichever falls
Under its garb
Dare not escape
What lay bare
In the truth
The good and
The bad, are
Equally thrashed

Tanned by ages
With a gone past
Present befalls
Future preview
Branches spread
In paths overflow
Sleep not, awake
As the roots
Are held intact
Time's scythe Cuts Sharp!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


It was not the CRY
But the explosion
Which opened the eyes

What need was THERE
To raise the child
In the cosmos whole

The galaxy whirled
Central to axis
At touch of HIS hands

Knew not what mischief
The child did, to unwind
The toys spoiled

All seemed uniform
Until the scattering
Was made invisible

Some with tails
Trailing the azure
And some with holes, Black.

Who soaked the
Many hued pain
Down the unfathomable

It was not the cry
But the JOY
Which sprouted from behind


Drop by drop
Silence seeps
Through wavering leaves
Unbecoming the essence
Where dwelleth 
Vision inside
So tranquil
So near!

Friday, May 3, 2013


In the country of old and wise
One could see hunger
Whispering to the young

In endless dreams
Satiety shuffle with clenched fist
A token of space

Our fellow brethrens
In utter disgust
Feed on a panacea of volatile words

The game of universal fertility
In every crack of the Earth
Was reduced to a nail biting finish

In slums and villages
Africa or Third Worlds
The gain was a lost grain

Oh, Lord!
Is thy feeds made up of some lofty
Universal, untouchable, invisible ... chain of thoughts!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Even somatic error
In bodily form
Has never befriended
The psyche, to
Our pristine soul

What purpose
Twist the path
Which starts
From germ, and
Ends in its term

Many divisions
Elapsed in the gain
Stretching pass,
And nobody peeped
Outside the form

Wonting never
Could hold
Likings of life, as
Failed attempt lay, beyond
The pattern of death

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


All through
The bearing
Called life,
The regret
Sprouted again
In His presence;
Urging him, about
The hidden love
Before the space
Took an oath
At birth,
And lastly
It lay buried
Aligning with
The root tip
Where the vortex
Churn its point,
Life and death alike;
Melting in regret
And the bounty
Of love divine
Was ready for
Bidding adieu
The whole stretch
Of life.
Hearing so,
Death came alive
With a chariot
Ready coffin
And an enchantress
Along the side,
The lost found love
The sweetness
Of silence.
And thus
I could hear
The trudge
The sound, of
Horse galloping!


Shadow flicker
Counts time
In days last,
Who slovenly
Sits unkempt
At thy door
Never posed a threat,
For the dawn
Came bright
With a chirp
To settle its undoings
At dusk, mute.