Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The bearing
I held close
Was beaten to
Marrow deep

Who hired
A goon, out
To do comic of me
Neither have I
Hoisted any flag
On the mountain top
Nor,lurched into
The oceanic depth

A minor was I
Minor I returned
Weak of strength

Who decoded
The plu, worthless
As, I have been
This whole of life
Neither have I
Bought any fight
On the others strength
Nor, cuffed
Any reverie
To others dream

The bearing
I held close
Was castrated to
Nihilist stupor


Purge me
To an end, of
Silent pick
Where no thread
Do knot, to
Any words
Where the parched leaves
Drop down
The green trees
And many tears
Streak the face
The pain of life

To that root, uproot
This form of mine
Where no evil eye
Stand a hiding
To do terms, with
My afflictions

Do me good
To plinth
Thy model of clay
So much harsh, the
Weather is here
Any time, storm
Will crumble me
To dust, tiny !
Purge me
To my silent end!


Do thee!
Do me wrong
To take me
Out of my grave

A moments release
A large fang, bright
Poisoning my breath

A froth, foam
From the mouth, release
My world elsewhere

No use
Dictating scriptures
Buried beneath my grave

Do me, that
Which call me not
To melt thy words

Do thee!
Do me truth
Died of faith.


The flowers are dancing with the leaves
And singing with the stem
Soft and silky leaf of the flower
Are shining in the bright Sun

I am seeing the flower
Near my house in the garden
The lily, tulip, hibiscus
And I also see the famous rose

In the very winter time
I see the dew on every flower
And I do not imagine
How beautiful and nice it looks


No new pinions
Frisk my flight
To thy vision aloof

As I chance a flit
From one dwelling to another
Heath of moorland spread

In thy gilded play
Of breath, I loose
My existence away

I hold you dearly
Stooping to my
Sorrow tales

What quill
Fate folded, and
Filled the skies

My future vista
Was stolen, in
Frisk of flight


Paw ferocious
Jumped over
The shadow crossings
Stretching its length, full

It clashed the lines
With curved nail sharp
Where the point was
Beaming the light, bright

Thud of heavy steps
Plough the ground
To unearth the
Hidden treasure within

Reality was shamed, when
Earth turned up for show
As, no new blood was spilled
When clash was no bloody

We hire even
Our own shadow
To dig some
Ferocious meet


Gushing a sweep
Who comes there
Empty of thoughts

No airy form I see
Nor any reason it darts, still
It sieves my heart

All beauty perish
In thy play
Of ornamented existence

No deeper dig
Quench my thirst
In thy oceanic depth

All hued surfaces
Cast temporal win
To my checkered life

Win me a trip
Slavery coiled
To thy abounding inertness

Who comes there
Empty of thoughts
To orb me white of cloths


Dim the light, O there
Dim the light!
I could hear footsteps, coming
Near by my heart

I see you not, O there
I see you not!
When I rip my heart
Every drop sings your name

Dim the light, O there
Dim the light!
In every beam of light
I loose thy sight away

Hold me unseen, O there
Hold me unseen!
Every beat I do for me
I do for You too!


When I ask one
For an address
To his stay
The shy tooth
From either side
Sprouts before
When steps
Walks down the road
Far away to sight

Then I take
An instant oath
For my own demise
To erase my name
And all my addresses
From every pages
Of familiar reading
And wander free
To every calling, whatsoever!


Vision of thought
Gives less warmth
Than when you
Touch me soft

It precipitates
In your silent becoming
What earlier
Was born as 'I'

The more I
Paddle my life
All streak's trail
Dissolve thy way

Your pliant form
Reminded me
How tender and supple
Was my breast


Dark Venom
Lipping forked tongue
Hissed a longer hiss
Poisoning my lips
Woe my love, woe
What I did for you
In total surrender
You did it
In silent return
To my blue veins!


When I pull myself up
To nullify my being
I always find you
Behind every
Waves of nothingness

And the shrine is lit
In the darkness of my heart
Cracking every pain
With thunderous applause
Where eternal burning
Takes place, azuring
The skies and multiverse
Raining peace and tranquility
The Sanctum sanctorum
Of the only ONE!


Lastly, I
Smeared frosted
Bygone images, lurking
With my past cold
And bit a chilly mouthful
Adding some interest
To my icing present
When I saw
All my future
Coated with sugar
And a little bit of
Eggs and water, flavored
My creamy spread


Play soft, play silent
Play thy music deep
Wanderer I have been
All my life
Playing havoc
To my dreams
Smearing luck
To my eternal faith

It mistook me
To call thee
At temples and mosques
Playing blinkers
To my searching soul

Instill thy form
To my eternal pain
Tattered and rugged
I have been since long, as
I faulted thy path
Wearing blinkers on


Lived many a lives
Through many a books
Parched and dehydrated
But all consumed
My precious time

I deny not
The thoughts
Which hold its wings
But what I say of those
Who toil sweat and skin

How many fields
Irrigated my Earth
How many lay abundant
Feeds my volition

How many trees
Weep in tears,
How many inks
Spills the dust

Hold me tight
To nurture my nature
All is getting bypassed
by the read and aftermath


When I feel
My energy wanes
I take a glazing
Paper white, blank
Receptive to my
Dotted lines, which
I etch on its
Surface bank, and
Stroke a mountain soft
As I pass a touch
Through my silent pen!


The bearing
Ink dried
Wrapped a firm
Hold on me
Without a name
Or, any form
To call thee
My own

A sigh, left
A trail, beyond;
Blind of eyes
And mere bones
To carry
An untold story
Never to resurrect
Into my marrow, lone!

Whom I called thee
My own, has
Counted my bones and
Sheared my flesh.
Was that,not
Casting my Vote!


कभी जब
लपलपाती थी
मुर्दे में जिंदगी
उसी एक फाँस ने
लास को फरिश्ता
बना दिया
वरना कौन यहाँ
मौत पर
कसीदा पढता है


When death was
Yenning for life
It struck a blow, from
Mortuary to Messiah
Otherwise, who
Cares here, for
The obituary
To be sung , lyrically!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

मजारें बोलती हैं

लब्ज़ों को सिलती हैं
दर्द भरी आहें
दुआ भी करता हूँ
तो हूनर भी
वक़्त माँगती है

मोहताज़ मुझे रखकर
कब तक ईद मानोगे
हर सै पर चोट करके
कहते हो फ़रमाने
मोहब्बत है

उस नाचीज़
से पूछो नाज़ाँ
जिस पर गुजरती है
मजारें वहीँ
बोलती हैं

Monday, April 7, 2014


All expositions, scattered
Towards that horizon, where
It left me with a siege
For my earned space
And withstood with me
until scramble steps
Wafted me away
To my abode above!


Very lonesome, it
Weds wholesome
My thoughts
In silent sip

It makes fullness
To my pain
Drop by drop

Ether only, stands
Besides my breath
Garlanding my love
In world's silent tavern

No more you, than
My becoming of you!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Time settles thick
On pale yellow bones
I peeped a queer look
Down the marrow lane
Filing the tint
Surface rugged

Removed the covering
With my tender hands
To orb my look
In frozen moments

No more caressing
The strength bear, now.
You grown old of age
Left me to crawl
Thy tomb!

No moments beat time
As it beats
My palpitation, now!
Time settles thick
On pale yellow bones.


What reaction formed!
All thoughts collided
Into effervescence
Clogging the throat
Dry of any saliva, and
Nor any beat to second my heart

Who you are!
The deep and the dark
All the while, you
Come of from
Far-off place, and
Play through
The very life of
My Soul.



Bayan karta hun
Ay nukta Chee gum-e-dil
Har nukhs se tauba, Aur
Har gunah mein
Tujhe dhoonddata hun!

Raham pharma
O, Jinne-Elahi
Har nukta-e-karam par
Sajda karta hun

ENGLISH (Translation)

Painting my pain
The feelings outpour
To my critical heart
Further from any fault, And
Farther away from thy love
I seek thee in my every pain

O, the most compassionate
Do me favour
As every felicity
Pulls me humbly


You mow my thoughts
Charred  by night
With scythe sharp
And grapple me with
Pall of silence

You rake a sweep, my
Fallen, crumbled past;
Adrift I stand
To see thy faces, fumble

With thy
Collective thoughts
From past to future
I drift my present stay
Raking my heart


Spreading petal-warmth
She call me with
Her sweetest of bloom

"O my Son,
Can you fetch me
A droplet of dew!"

I knew,
She was thirsty
Of my look, and so
Too was I

My morning
Blessed me a wish
Until she called me thus!


What harm
I did bologna
To my thoughts
And the shadow limps

You stole my
Kingdom of faith
Shining a dagger
Beneath thy skin

What more penury
Could I bear
In frozen cast
As the time, gaze!


Many, count
My emotions
Witness to
Blinking eyes

And, Weightless
I transcends
The barrier
Staring the skies

Beyond there
I have left
A piece, of
My heart

It roosts inside
To beat my heart
With flap, and
A fly!

I settle, thus
My score
With love, and
Abounding one-ness


No sign
Imprints the feet
On concrete walk
Down the road, with
Polished shoes
and slipper wear

Skin-cracked foot
Press my warmth
To marks my toil
Beneath the soil
Sprouting many fields
With paddy and price

Now, warm pressed to Earth
I give my spade
A look for joy
My toil, my field
My soil pulls me
In its earthy fragrance


Every moment, silent
Whisper my love
To thy big ears.
Deny not the breeze, ever
To my sweetest fragrance
Loaded with warmth
I conjoin my soul
With thy closed lips
To see thee, to
Turn your page
Flapping thy say:
No more deaths
And lots of life
There I whisper
My last choice!


Pent emotions
Down sticky nose
Broke down into tears

Warm of all 
Body cells
I pulled my thoughts up

Moulting, I shed
Murky nose-glue
To my forefingers

Even the bitter moments
Now, tastes sweeter
Than earlier

Every silence
Conjure me,  closer
To thy being


Na nami ka ahsas
Na bikhare paal,
Uske wajud ne
Kab ka tanha chod diya

Naamo-jigra se
Mujhe ab bhi
Kami si lagti hai yahan!


An engineer of repute
Was engineering a design
The blueprint of
That marvelous structure
But, came to naught
In his perspiring thought
As to where
To put the glittering chandelier;
In between the rooms, or
To some point
In the center of the ceiling, or
On top of the dome

And a brick-mason
Seeing THIS, from
A distant corner
With reason full
And an understanding
Deep for an engineer to fathom


"The way of the heart
Slightly favours a tilt!"

Saying this,
He picked up a nearby brick
And pressed it on engineer's palm
Asking him to feel its weight.

A thunderous applause erupts:

"The way of the heart
Slightly favours a tilt!"


Adjacent to my thought
A lonely human frame
Emaciated, of
All healthy tissues
Lay flat
On a rotten bed
Shining all white bones
And, sunken eye-balls
Looked to his own plight
With evaporated tenderness

A silent word
Came from his
Simple gesture
Mere a rolling eye balls
And the dry pain:
"Me of Auschwitz and Belzec
And many more..."


Still my world starve
When I see
He looked like me
Still after
The camp is over...


What is it
In your skin
Which tan my thoughts

Do bones carve
The same niche
Bonafide to skin

Your image collide
With my longer, and
Serpentine feel

Do history, provide
The same space, as
Reserved for Kings and Queens!

My lesser space
Dig  the pantheon
Flaming the skin