Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The hands froze
After the potter
Made earthenware

All was evenly
Spread around
Untill it fell

Vigil was not
So weak
As it seemed

The broken pieces
Lay in
Eternal wait

Once again, rain
Will gurgle down
And wash away undoings

Similarity was
At stake
In bidding adieu

No more hands
Came for the rescue
As the hands was frozen again

Monday, April 29, 2013


Do you want
To remember me,
Call me
Not my NAME

It hurts
The most,
Which come
Through WORDS

Burn all
The givings,
In posession
I keep NONE

Don't blurr
Your eyes,
As mine are
Already RED

Count your
Days begotten,
As the tenses
Are not MINE

You look
For a cry, and
I have oceans

Want to read
The feelings,
Have broken
All the BONDS

Ahh! My Dear
Still I pine
For your


The pencil and the pen
The scale and the eraser
Divider and the compass
All were silent till
Students went to the school

School bag with a jiggling
Water bottle hanging outside
Were merry making on the way
And they knew what was in store
For the items inside instrument box

All day long as the students
Became more studious in the class
From silence of the instrument box
Stepped out all one by one
Charging forward to give a helping hand

Some perched erasing lines
Some measuring distance
Some making handwriting cursive
Some checking the signature
All came in unison, in all love

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Daring to meet
The core, where
All merges, in
Wholeness one

Such strong was
The force pull
Time slowed down
A little bit

Gravity warped
Space curvature
Blowing the time
In wait infinite

Still an urge
Was recipient
And the wait was
Not in vain

Something hissed
Past me:
Macro is now
Ruled by quantum

In a flash
Uncertainty came
To my fore, bulging
Its heart full

The wait there
At gravity gate
Was the virtual me
Merger got the bigger of me

Me as cat was still
Not dead yet
Either it was half alive
Or half dead

When the reality
Struck a chord
I knew not, and
Collapsed into ONENESS

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burning the CD

Call me whatever
Your likes disguise,
The same horizon
Is knitting a rainbow;
To ready my armour
For the war!

In glory I bask
To avow my nothingness

Call me not 
To my ears
Deaf have I become;
The same such moment
Cry begotten!

In compassion I melt, but
Who is burning the CD*

Please note:
*Burning the CD = To keep the memory intact.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Time shows mettle hard
Peeling layers inside
All falling away
Fading leaf by leaf

No remaining
Cast the shadow
And the memory burns
Without an ash

Silence greeted
An open sky above
Questioning whereabout, of
The drifting clouds

Who tweets there
In a crooned voice!
Does she not know.
Much remains HERE
To tread the moor.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Light years away
There HE lived
Cocooned by HIS
Enigmatic silence

Caterpillar presence
Many a times
Enacted a play
For wings to fly

Meanings got struck
Evopated ethereal
As the time
Neared fulfillment

Something was, at
Situation stake
vulnerable was
The life itself

Condolences came
Pouring in
As HE was safe
In eternal DEAD.


Wanted to pen a thought
With an ink-pen
A little round
And a little cursive

Inertia got a jerk, and
Thought wavered diagonally
Across the lines
The supportive baseline

Empty at the table corner
Without an ink fill
The pot in all
Was gathering dust

Someone snatched
The soul out of it.
One could hear, the
Laughing of keystrokes!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Deep down
The roots
Haloed light
Flashed bright
Such was there
The unity tight
Which sprouted
The flower bloom

And all came running
The sky and the clouds
The sun and the moon

All was one
The heat and the cool
The mercy and the love

Avowed peace
Reign supreme
Umbilical to all
That was just
Cajoling into
An open sky

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Who is filling 
The gap, there.
More of night, and
More of light, dawns 
The every rise

Why it salivate
Through the 
Heavenly hole
Drooling away, the
Shower of love

Where will the
Distillation stop.
Does one has to 
Cross the tunnel, where 
The universes meet

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


With the same
Such alikeness
I have given
An endowment
A look

Show me your face, Dear!

With the same
Such hues
Gratitude align
Its waves
The cosmic rays

Show me your dance, Dear!

With the same
Such truth
I have offered
Myself a grave
Dig me THERE

Show me your presence, Dear!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Love me not
'm not so
Brittle enough
To guard your love

Fear always beckons
At my open door
An unruly face
Turns and twists

Eons have passed
Waiting for the
Unblinking flow, of
Unbroken link

Why you twinkle
Up in the sky
Do thee have reasons
For the unbecoming me

Always the thirst
Struggle wakeful
But the purity surpass
The better of me

All strength drains
To supple me searching
Love's sweetness
In a pinch of ashes

Friday, April 12, 2013


It needed a say
And stick as
Dew drops
So cold
And enervating

It was the night
A moment back
In which
My world was
Lost forever

What gain
In abundance
Will I gather
As I feel
The transpaent dew
It drops down

Whose World
In benign
Moves smiling
So bright
And so light

With bricks of
Effervescent dream
Have I built
A pleasant house
To avow my guilt
Past envoked

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Bandiso ki alaap par
Raag bhi roushan karegi
Warna kis kaam ka tha
Yeh panapta aur bikharta
Tarannum jahan hamara

Talasti hai bikhre pal
Gali-gali, dwar-dwar
Warna kise pari thi
Chaubiso namazne ki

Wahi dhak Ke teen paat
Muflisi udhaar chadhti rahi
Kabhi us paar, kabhi es paar
Maut par kaun aayega
Marhum ko sazaa dene
Baarat abhi sajni hai

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Someone pitched
A dark night
Taut in all poles
Barring THIS, and
Barring light

Who counts the
Ripples Of breath
A companion-life
Plunged himself into
The ravishing depth

What is this storm
For whom the wind roars
Peeping through the holes
And who loosens
The rope, THERE!


Wonder why!
The poetry of love
Comes in a cry

Needless to say
Anybody could be
Waiting the hug

By one touch
The creation
Struck wonder

By one gulp
The whole
Came inside

In oneness 
It commandth
The supreme

In you
I fathom, the 
Remaining ME.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


It stays there
And speaks not
Silence slid pass
In parted lips
Otherwise unattached.

What joy gathers
In wrinkled wink
So quick
In rejuvenation
Nature smiles all
And it speaks joy

Friday, April 5, 2013


Dunes of fire
Crumble down

Wisp of mirage
Perfection holds

Where did I
Get a burn

Did I hold
The fire in!

Shadow in ashes
Burn a while

From nowhere
Came the breeze

And the message
Resonated deep

Oh, No!

Where was THAT
And where is THIS