Wednesday, June 4, 2014


May I not
Deny my ignorance
To pen my
Sweet poetry afire
But, hark
The beauty of poetry, in
A kingdom
and a kill
To  affirm
My price
Treasuring richness
With weeds and
And a tuft of grass
Swaying the cemetery inn!


My little fingers
Play dough
Flexing colourful lump

No wonder
How big  GD
Hands of creator stretches

Malleable embodiment
In forbearance
Loop and curve

The daily rituals
Avow my innocence
In thy every look

I crawl my memory
This side to that

My little fingers
Poke and knead
With eyes moist


I was not
Vulnerable, in
Fragility of thy dreams

what elapsed
In between, the
Vulnerability and thoughts
Was eons beyond
For the keep

I do, no paddle
Any space or time, and
'm aloof, by
Any sideshow
To term any existence

Life and death
Parcel my space
But, all along
'm empty of any size

Touch me not, with
Thy tangent thoughts

'm relieved, of
Any coming
'm relieved of
Any of thy thoughts

Do me, no pain
Parceling my space!


Let them cast
In moulds and memory
The wasted breath

What belongs here, is
Not of here but
To things there

All courses of Suns
Do with light and joy
So I rise, flapping there

Let them harp
The string and music
To past and present

What playeth here
Cometh bursting
In time desire

All wakeful days
Surge thy greatness
So I come, blazing thy light


Emotions synchronize
On the computer screen, what
We feel, and
The world feels

Darwinian buttons,
The keyboard dip; have
Replaced our thoughts
We evolve not by the
Transfer of traits
Or, any harbinger of genetic twist
But, by
Connecting simultaneously
To where, there
In whose houses WI-Fi
connects automatically
As we walk into
True friend's house!


Who paints my dreams
Colouring thy warmth

O, there!

What I gained
In your loss
I reaped you
In my dreams

Who playeth my dreams
Prodding my joy

O, there!

What I lost
In my breath
I reaped you
In my heaven

(What I lost = Soul)


What words are these
Sizzling, Stifling
The dark cavern
In some celestial crater

Calm of meteorite strike
Pain discharge
The wail of words
In wounds, blown wide

What was so precious
In untold letters
Was writhing in pain
Muted by truth

All statements
In verity of truths
Perforce an obsolete gain, as
No words can bleed
The agony of pain


Not far
From thy altar
I remain aloof
To count
My beads of faith
In that broken lights
Whose system
Fail in truths
With the sounds of conchs
Jingle bells, and
The minarets  of 'Azan'

My heart swells
Like an empty dome
With, only an echo
To tell the story
Into my blank past

My dead selves, groan
Bleating deep
For a rescue
To higher things

Not far
From thy love
I remain thirsty
To gurgle
Thy nectar drink
In that empty belly
Whose indigestion
Pushes out food
In nausea and vomit

My heart heave
The last respite
Like a twig
Broken from its branches-green

My silence
Rummage the remains
For a waft
To higher things, above!


Stars are bright in the sky
But not in evening and day time
And shines at the dark of night
Little, big and small are twinkling in the sky

Twinkling and shining stars are in the sky
The pole star and the shooting stars
At night the Earth was dark
But not the twinkling stars

~ Ashanya Ame-f (My daughter)


In obeisance
And respects
I offer
All musings
Of my heart
To thy inner core
Where all poets
Croon thy passion
Compassion of heart
In form universal
To make love
With thy
Inner being!


Lend thee not
To my dying ears
The pages of my
Broken past

No flip
Croon my dumbness
In thy
Glimmer of hope

Lend thee not
To my closing eyes
The whisper of
Thy shadow

No beat
Turn my time
In thy
Vision of life


Pulpy pain
Wear no hide
No pleasure skin

What offbeat
Tans here
Is, but
A little indifference
In diminution
The curse of life


Pull a pail of muffling sound
From the well of salty tears
Lest all those raven pain, dark
Will enfold the forshaken past

Pulling measured rope to height
I gained half baked truth
For the loss I repented
Was bitter than my present fed

I will see my thoughts burning
Raining ghastly, flickering flames
So, with my thoughts vanished
Will, serve well who dwelth the 'well'.


Who comes
Giant of steps, and
Vastness glows

Sweetness laded
Promises held
All oppression fused

Glory and light
Play jest, with
My morning chirp

Many hopes
Unfurl its flag
Sailing tangent beam

Every corner
Puts jovial blink
What the eyes seek

Fraternal firm
Held my hands
Beating eternal twin

Who comes
Charisma bound, and
Plunge my devotional inn


'm hurt
To beyond

Do I have to
Wear shoes, to
Trample my
Truthful words
Wear my gloves
To rip apart
The holy curse

O, there!
The muses of the muse
What glory, I
Submit myself
To colour my, blood

What use, passion
Doeth, if
Not fed
To freedom, unearth

I deploy, no sin
Under my slippers
Then, why
The people
Does me wrong

My contact, is
Not ruthless
To thy palpitating heart
Why for, then
You turn blue
By reciprocating
Thy ugly thoughts

Let us wash
Our hands, anew
And, learn
To honour, and
Underline the respect
To every words
To every line
To every para
To every book
Coming to thy fore

.. but who wronged?
"one rotten apple"!
Oh, no!
Squash it, from
Thy memory, Sir

But, dear Sir Ampat
Thy whole barrel is
Still untouched , by
Any spoil.
Do thy Pen
What the ink desires!



No invariable look
From the gathering
Lifted a glass
Full of water
On the dining table
To quench my thirst

All were busy
Munching molar, and
Rending canine

And, in some
Murky shadow of skyscraper
Ragged, tattered
Lonesome figure, and
Stinking skin
Was sobbing, with
Convulsive gasps

Grieving with bones
And a hissing tongue
It plundered all my givings
Whose outcome, came
With her silent demise

My sanctimony
Was demolished
At HIS altar, and
Left my table
In a blink
Sobbing with my hands
Lining the demise, of
That lonely figure


Don't spread your mantle
Cloaking and curving
Preying my sloping age

I have resurrection writ
To my flaming pyre
Beyond thy axis of death

My witness stands invisible
To your naked eyes
To summon subpoena

I have never lost paradise
Beneath thy plasma of pain
Risen I stand

Don't pitch the ashes
Storming the crush, and
Battering my coast

My identity was born
Central to my core
Beyond thy axis of death!


YOU have not stamped
Space and time, for
My silent consumption

YOU work my form
Creating and annihilating
Radiating my ruin

It gives wings
To my Paradox, twin
Life or death are not
Older than my thoughts

Every pore opens up
Sipping thy every construct
An illusion too!

Your abounding abstractions
Are only for the clocks
And rulers of the expanse

My growing up
Is ageless, as
YOU have not stamped
Space and time!


Why are colours
The branches green
Age climb
My youth
Greenery's call

One breath
Lofted the sky
The other
Simmered the glow

There it
My youth
One branch
To the next!

Victory / Zafar

Zafar me ye khayalat kaisa
Jonoone isk mein
Ruh wafa nahi dhundati

What thee  thought, in victory
And, should never care for faith
In spirit of eternal love


No skill contrived
My pulsating breath
For a rendition
To my improvisation, and
Was melodic,
Muffling its depth
To reach my ears, deaf!

A dark imagery
Creeps involuntarily
To decree a foresay
In a sudden change
Keeping my fear near

I paint with varied strokes
The parched silence
Brushing my shadow, own

All search closed
My eyes spot, dark

All meted in a "." (dot)!


I have but one way
To abut the sky
Wing my freedom
Soaring high

This embodied form
In body and mine
Craze in frenzy, to
Burn my passion wild

Long thread of faith
From me to you
Rosary bound
Vanishes at thy end

Heart's little corner
Intertwine thy braid
Conjoining my form
In love and tears

Night and day
I wick thy oil
For it flickers for you
In my breath

Silence and I wait
To disembody my gross
And dissolve my wish
In a fit of thy spell


I don't have to use
Customary language
To seal your love

Many instances came
Loaded with warmth
To whisper this to you

But, alas!

Nothing remained of me
Hoarding my silence
Barring eternal dark

A heavy plunge was heard
Near the abyss
And was drowned

Still, colourful flowers
silence muted
Sway a hefty bunch for you

All that was mine
Drifted somewhere away
Lurking towards thy say


No thought soothed, my
Solitary palpitating heart
Profound enough
To decipher the meaning, behind
The semi-fluid sate, and
It melted through
The funnel of time
Dripping a wish, for
A gift, in a
New bundle of life

Sate = Desire


My heart got a pension
As I served my service well
Together we made a vow
To my hoary bride above high
Twinkling the gaze of sky, that
My time is also very low
For the time-needle to grow, and
Will weave a celestial weave together
To orb thee with light and joy
None can be so tranquil, than
Those eyes so clear and bright


It sounds not easy, to
Open our hearts wide, to
Let in the stars, and
Throw our tents of mind, and
Listen placid to its concern

It owes no single organ, to
Flow blood into our veins, rather
It owes the entire firmament, to
Let in light, rain, and air, and
Many thousand ears to listen

It is challenging, not to
Define the worlds we create, but
To receive and shelter, that
We have unknowingly kept aside
To judge and bargain its worth!


Play thy harp, play
The secret ministry cometh
To bare the branches of avian chirp

The beam golden
Clothe magical
While the joy thatch the day

Quietly shall hang
The silent gaze
Stretching far and wide

Sweetness envelops
From ear to ear
Charm cometh fulfilling the day

The tuft of space
Crawl the touch
To my childish play

Play thy music soft
Chattering and tweeting
Whistling panorama of life

MOTHER, I can see YOU!

Mother I can see you, in
Every shine of an ocean wave
Mirroring thy depth

Every unvarying thought
Stick me a tug
Towards thy loving tow

Peeping across the window
I can see you
Keeping luster to my every gaze

I have made a paper boat
To gauze you, in
My every across

Mother I can see you, in
Every weave
Cocooning thy warmth


Rig me
To work thy masts
Journey is not over so

Tell me
To thy foreteller
Omen is not over so

Count me
To bead thy breath
Prayer is not over so

Wrap me
To my linen shroud
Burial is not over so

Weep me
To my eyes wet
Your love is not over so


Inhaling trance
In transcending space
I lost my self
It was abounding all
That I searched in many births

Vastness spread
In every stretch
I gained a bigger heart
Conjoining my stay
Palpitating essence towards thy say


Neither do I
Cultivate your image, nor
Do I carve your form
And, always
You stand by my side
Curling and crooning
My songs of pain

Neither do I
Stretch my hands, nor
Do I stoop thy legs
And, always
You stand me erect
Caressing my love
In eternal silence

Have lost faith, that
What was yours
Have stolen, that
What was given, yet
When you search, you
Search me not there!


Every section of
Your wordy cut
Fabricate stillness

Neither I offer
Nor you hear my say
To bleed my substance

Loneliness is such a balm
Wherever it spreadth
It blooms lotus

Every diection of
Your breeze, sway
Do my isolation away!