Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We have got Reason and still
Nature illudes us.
It is unreason, which is the
Leader; It remains a Blisss, Unspoken
Nature doesn't outpour it's feelings,
Through words; It's all and not All.
Mere works; and the boundary is
Created; Unreason outclass Reason.
Thought hits straight, outside remains in,
Bliss; simplicity demands no thought.
Silence demands no thought and no thinker
Asleep, dreams are synonymus of stillness.
It is complexity for the thinker and,
Simplicity for the Unreason.

Monday, March 30, 2009


We eat and are healthy.
We reason and are human.
We think and are resurrected.
Continuously we fight for being healthy.
Continuously we meditate for peeping inside.
Continuously we put faith for covering our self.
Life is death for the myopic.
Life is enigma for the philosophy.
Life is boon for the saints.
Thought is thunderbolt.
Thought is soothing.
Thought is no thought.