Friday, August 31, 2012

Freedom dance

'm safe in my little corner of my baby's heart
In whose whole world the cosmos dance
I call for THAT through his waving hands, stretching
Walk the velvety walk outstepping the legs
'm safe in my not understanding
Down comes the BIG-BIG things
Which play with my fearlessness
I can command the mountains to move
I can order clouds to orb me around
All who make believe to be dumb
Comes cripping in all splendour
Leaves, Breeze, Rain, Rainbow ...
Juggle in to my approach
I play the play
The truth, where no fetters abound
Where slavery gets no chance
The freedom dance hand in hand

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Thy greatness, thy all; 
Comes to my fore
Most humbly I stoop 
To beg for an honour 
In meeting thee
As ever and fore-ever 
My drooping stands 
At thy door
Please tranquilize
The essence of mine
Glance the demeanour
Which pine for thee
Thy one touch
Crank through every pore
Drenched with joy
The bud spread its petals
The mountain wear snow crown
The feathered friends chirrp
The cotton clouds soak the heat
The velvety the green path
The ocean dance
Conjoin the creation
Why seperation in
Birth and death
Thy greatness,
Comes to my fore.


Unmindfull of the weakness
Strength stands erect
To be layed down
Orchestrated around
In an unfathomable fable
That he once was great
And did not heed the thought
That his standing on plinth Was
Not made of stone

Monday, August 27, 2012


Moist with murky sojourn
Journey transponds to
The Call eternal!
Garb unspoken
The mist sublimate

Dearth of evidence
Is not my daunting
Death the companion
I desire not
When compassion out flow
From thy Divinity

Defy not thy opulence
Hey Lord!
Only in thy wait
I blink not
Not the living
But the wetness
I desire
At every steps
Of my stay!

Unkempt desire
Auger in my soul
A hole which
Transpires through breath

Up till when
As all forlorn
Escape I from this
Murky sojourn HERE!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thy Call

Only in thy call
I stand erect
Otherwise who is there to revive me

Askance is not the words
Which comes into myself
It came from where I know not

Only in thy faith
My reason speaks
Otherwise muted I lay aside

Pale of peace I become
Rumble dumble
when I hear around

Darkness which lightens not
Wait which wavers not
All looks distant in a distance

Only in thy call
Casabianca perished
Tied with faithful heart

Only in thy call
I rest assured
Otherwise obituary waits the epitaph

Oh! Thy Call!!


In whose touch the ripples
Embark on a journey
Breathing all along
The beat of the heart

Sigh not the sound
Alas! will woke from slumber
Caress with thy stroke of hands
The tenderness of thy touch

Purposefully the breeze blows
Quenching the thirst of hunger
Nought but all sustain its existence
In the coolness of void

O there! All gets submerge
Into the heave of heaven.
Do we still need to breath
The aether down above!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


If void whispers,
Where comes the urge
To hear the voice!

Tied the tide of emptiness
From one bank to the other shore
Neither the ends, end the story!

Fresh the story starts always
In all its faithfullness
As if, is born today

Methinks, mirror
Is the reflection par Divine
Which hid itself from front

In totality!
One call from THERE;
Ends the summery.

Ashes only are left
To mark the significant time
And are reduced to Null

Salvage the silence
From the wreck of life
In whose polarity SOS resides

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Born again

All gets eroded day by day
Into the probabilities infinite

All the phenomenon punk at my tinder
Ready to shear off my flesh in pyre

How close 'fearlessness' rides
In nothingness of existence per se.

All gets drained away in likeness
Of every conscious ever thought out

The Juvenility of joyfull life
Ends its term in the cradle of death

The swing plays with existence
Attached by the thread of breath

Repentence settle the eagerness in
How the life is born again!


All rigidity of singularity 
Turns plural in abstraction

The gain is the distance
Which plays all along

Awakening perforce
To the obvious

The truth unknown
Sublimate without intermediary

Residue revives in a path
Forces to tread the path

Rigidity regale in abundance
Spread all around

Thursday, August 16, 2012

True Colour

O there! Reveal
The core of my being.

Have taken 
All thy benifit
In my richness of birth

Only the movement remains
Without vacation, the
Trudge goes on

All my strength
Was not part of me

My faith in thee
Has imprisoned me
To spasm eternal

Void I desire
Conditioning devoid

All the pigments
Lay scattered here

Make a portrait
As significant as thee

O there! Reveal
The true colour
Of thy being.

The platter of plume

The platter of plume
Disguised as Motherly love
The Heaps of its soft touch
Whose suppleness, the
Dropping saggy skin
Protect the whole
With an aura, umblemished!

Never ever
Any form of mine
Called for thy calling
As ever I sustain myself
By thy oneness, partaken!

O Maa! Platter with thy plume!

Monday, August 13, 2012


An ounce of air
When soaked
In the residence
Called heart
Heaveing joyfully
In its take
Systole and diastole

Never the bell
Feels the end
Till the sound
Keeps its presence felt

Nothing permanent
Make us jovial
Untill it plays
The play divine

All is unturned
Under the umbrella
Of Divine peace
Remains as it is

Freedom resides in
An ounce of breath
Which pulls the thought
Out of me!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The catharsis of liberation!

Hey The Lord where are thee!
The upkeeper, the benefactor.

Do I have to feel
Lonely without thee
Shedding tears.

How far the cry goes
In the crack beneath.

Oh My Lord!
Why the Open-ness
Of the dark
Cracks the outer shell
Engulfing the brilliance
Inside the unfathomable

The bone is the
Ultimate witness
To the vision of rut
Which shows
The path of breath
Exhaled in my inhalation

Where comes
The tinkle of the bells
Which Announces
The arrival Of silence
In the absence of which
We all are merrily
Reduced to dust
Silence is a MUST!


Why should silence respect thy call
When latency is still intact in vibration
In all my respiration here.

Pulling is not thy concern
Till thought remains in thy faith
Basking in every rendezvous of my vision

Birth is not thy act
When soul eternal nod
Its presence felt

Do I need to be born again
With fingers on keyboard
And head straight pinned to screen

Singing a song alongwith moving types
With to-and-fro tilt of head
Overhearing the call!

Lo, hear the sound
Of soft finger strokes
Coming from the keyboard

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The nature of woods
In the form of books
Gives pleasure abound
Which the reading
Only could savour

Kept peacefully
On the bookshelves
In all its glitter
Bound hardback and paperback
Reused later for re-reading

The aroma volatile
The old and the new
From the pages
Crisp and cruchy
In the forward turn
Of the books end,
Gives a surge
An urge of digestion
In comprehension compound

The festivities of opening
The initial pages of books
Blush into rosy cheeks
Guessing what the unread
Shyness withholds into
The flow enebrieted

The immersion
Thus received
Gets the last hold
At the close of the books
With Jest and jesture
The feeble fingers of hands
Feebly lay the books back
Into the bookshelves
Carefully into the glory ...
The essence Divine!


Merger looks
Forlorn in touch.
Submerged, it heaves
The essence out
Cornucopia embellished
In shape of the heart.

The chanting sermons
Is read with full ethos
From the pulpit
As high as the heaven
Showering abundance.

Plenty gets registered
Still the hunger resides
Onto whom the call
Takes the form
Which merges
In eons wait

Truncate the senses
Which pushes the pull
Hey there!
Will thee not look back.
Caring thy care
I look for the merger.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The creeper

Slowly slowly the creeper creeps,
Cupping all the creations there in.
A tinge of wave passes through,
And salubrious the whole becomes.

Feeling the joy evermore
The giver and the taker rejoice
Both, Opening the tendrils
In compassion divine.

Slowly slowly the breeze blows
And songs gets clearer and clearer
Here he all comes
Treading all along

Such is the haste
Not all is left behind
Here comes soil
And here comes water

Slowly, slowly the days passes by
Slowly, slowly it gets enveloped
In the fold
Whose all is ALL DIVINE!

Friday, August 3, 2012


O' the weary tree!
Never ever call such a 'clarion call'

Drain my all to feed thy ALL!
It hurts the ruts out of my bones.

The passing away is not meant for any breath
As long as vapid and pale rejuvenate in green vale.

Such is not the plight
Whose all is light

Behold! The first drop of light has come
To photosynthesize the greenery out of you

Brighter ever brighter
The glory bash in thy azure

Please, don't grudge the trudge
Priceless thy essence, priceless thy song!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Mother, O My Mother!

Rested the whole in obeisance
To the sustainer, the Mother
Lovingly resting my head on her lap

Can't escaped the gaze
In so tender the embrace
Feeling the touch of warmth

Vigorous was the calling
Because thee were knowing
Where the hunger dwelth

Thy pretension can't be
Oblivious of my coming
My Mother, O My Mother!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The moment,
In tranquil gaze;
Affection sits

With affection
It gets born
In affection
It radiates.

A Question
It melts
The wise

Thy orb
Thy balm
Who else
Can calm!

The impurities
In thy touch

How caring
The hands,
Which fills
To brink
The cup-divine;
Oozing divinity
To all and ALL.


Grass wilted
In excess of
Nature's nurture

Gets transpired
Through its own

Trespassers trampled
Thy velvety feel
Interlope thy path

Green thy greenery
A day and a two

They think
It hobs the humans

Halt I to ponder
Hobbling in my path.