Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Snakes eat their own eggs."

"Snakes eat their own eggs."
This world is like snake in conscience i.e. long history of thought either of GOD or NO-GOD (Nietzsche, Darwin, A. Einstine, S. Weignberg etc.)
The movement resembles that of snake, haphazard !We are Homosapiens-sapiens. Is'n it ? Unknowingly or subconsciuosly we let our brain heat up thinkingand in the process eat up some of the good ideas.
We do have knowledge of 'Reason' and then we search the meaning of Life.It reminds me of 'Steven Pinker' and 'Carl R Popper' the linguist "Trial and error is the best method" to go forward in life.'Language' is there and we are writing and talking-out it here.
We suffer because we bind ourself with attachments with someone dear i.e.Son, daughter, father, mother, faith or no-faith or with mother earth"The Gia Theory", James Lovelock....!It can't be eradicated.Our structure of DNA helix is made up of bindingsAdinine bind with thiamine,Cytosin bind with guanine (uracil)It is hereditary.
People are religious and are bounded by faith.People are atheist and are bounded by no-faith.They reason and many voluminous books are created.Can't there be a single formula ?Yes! if we could make ourself experience our Death.When we are alive we reason, read and write.We must do the same thing when we are dead also.
Life is caring, as animals care for their offsprings.Is there any way we could take care of the 'thoughts' not by mere thoughts?We have gained and still gaining....but where will the search END?Certainly GOD will not help us !There must be living entity who could transcend NO-GOD and let us make us understand it..SIMPLY !Up till yet we have not surpassed the 'life' of lives of our fore-fathers,Who lived in the caves ? We 'think' like them as a living entity. We don't ever think in DEATH.I don't want to go into the details of Nietzsche or Darwin.We have our own minds and must be cultivated to talk to itself.In this process radiation will come and collectively we will reach the pinnacle.Green-house effect! the man-made-thoughts will certainly fill up/mend the 'ozone layer' and there will not be any hole as such in our radiation.
Animate or inanimates,But we are de-utilizing inanimates.We are eating our own eggs.We have to be bold enough to transcend the barrier of thought "GOD or NO-GOD".We must not look far, we must look inside ourself without any bias and then there will be a clear oasis, which could transcend GOD as well as NO-GOD thoughts.
But still...since we have brains, we have mind...!Care should not be cultivated.... let it sprout itself.Caring for our health and for others so that we could reason in DEATH also.
TAPESHonly we could get the meaning of 'meanings'. We must not try to eat

Friday, February 13, 2009


Snakes eat their own eggs.
There is 'knowledge' and then only there is Life.
There is 'Language' and then only there is Life.
Life is not Faith nor Religion.
Suffering is not what we have done in the previous life.
There is no incarnation.
Suffering occurs when we bind ourself with our own surroundings.
I think it can't be eradicated.
Binding is in our genes.
Adinine bind with thiamine,
Cytosin bind with guanine.
It is hereditary.
People are religious and are bounded by faith.
People are atheist and are bounded by no-faith.
They reason and many voluminous books are created.
Can't there be a single formula ?
Life is caring, as animals care for their offsprings.
We talk a lot because we have lots of neurons in our Brain.
We have more and opt for more.
And simply waste our time theorizing.
Could we think of that we have surpassed i.e. our fore-fathers,Who lived in the caves ?
What have we gained from this modern life ?
Materialistic sloth ?
There is no GOD !
I am not verbalising 'Nietzsche'.
There is evolution !
I am not experimenting 'Darwin'.
There is mind !
I am not discarding it.
This process of radiation in thought will go on for ever.
Black hole emits radiation.
Simply putting the thing of 'S. Hawkins'.
Green-house effect !
YES, it is happening here only in our human minds.
Animate or inanimates,
But we are de-utilizing inanimates.
We are eating our own eggs.
...... still questions are there...........!
Care must not be cultivated.... it is already there inside us.
Caring for our health and for others also !


Monday, February 9, 2009


There is only one thing that a person is always scared about and that is the penalty of being BORN in this world. I do have some complexes to apply to, may be i may not be fair enough to take LIFE as it is !
'Death', this in itself is an enigma, we live by it, looking at others dying. We verbalise all the seen and unseen, good and bad, and thus the meaning underneath vanishes. There must be some criteria by the help of which we could translate our 'beingness' to begin with. We see a person dying and we put mask on our face...... we can't see our own cells dying and reciprocally think 'Myself growing in knowledge'. I have seen person evoparating on the pyre or in the mortuary. Only thought remains and thoughts are impure, not exact.
Are we not mutilating our 'beingness' by becoming oversympathetic?
Who cares wheather life is SCIENCE or RELIGION !
We are eating the same natural producing things from time immemorial......... and now here in this modern age, we term it bread and butter.
Our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and all the faculties come to our rescue whenever we see mirages in the distance.And when DEATH nears us, we can't take the burden of old age, and long for peaceful DEATH.Who-so-ever is a living entity, he must be in motion and when in motion there is always a MOTION-BLURR.
As we approach for something it gets blur.
We are born 'blurry'.
We are born 'crying'.
We are born 'myopic'.
We are born 'skins on the body '
And that i think is the penalty of being BORN in this world.

With love

Friday, February 6, 2009


Soul is Eternal ! Can there be an atheiest, Who could pounch upon the meaning ?
It is just not the theory of Juddu Krisnamurti of total void or schopehaur the philosopher with negative apprach as to i.e. we are just made up of IDEAS.
I myself, an atheist... m posing this meaning's "meaning".
Can anybody help me in getting rid of the meaning of 'meanings'.

GOD loves us ALL (No God !)