Monday, February 29, 2016

टक - टक अँखियाँ

अँखियाँ टक -टक , हुन 
नवे -नवे यार बनांदा
प्यार दा मर्ज़ ढूंड
असी भी मुर्शिद जवाँ
सोह्णे लगदे नक्श तुवाड़े
भावें उत्ते यार बनावा
मुश्किल नाळ इश्क समाई, हुन
अब नहीं कहीं जाना उत्ते
डूब -डूब लहर करदा
त्वाडे नाळ असि कुर्बान जवाँ
जीवें वेखा तैनू मेरे पल्ले
नवे - नवे ना यार बनाइये
Ankhiya tak-tak, hun
Nawe nawe yaar bananda
Pyaar da marz dhund
Asi bhi murshid jaawan
Sone lagde naksh tuwade
Bhawe utte yaar banawa
Muskil naal isk samaya, hun
Ab nahi kahin jana utte
Dub-dub lahar hilor karda
Twade naal asi Kurban jawan
Jewa vekha tainu mere palle
Nawe-nawe na yaar banaiye
English translation:
To eyes,
I probe new friends
In quest of love balm
I search seer of my eyes
Your face beam a blush
That I find you in shyness
I buzz thy nector, never
To stray my future steps
Ocean heave, till
The crest merges my feel
When I saw thee near me
I forgot all my new friends

Sunday, February 28, 2016


रहम खुदा, रहम
की पागल मन
गली बाजार में
तेरे नज़र का दीदार लिये
दिशा पुकारे

होशियारी में भी
खंज़र की आवाज आती है
खुदाया रहम कर;
मेरे किस गुनाह की खता लिये
ज़ानाजा को मेरी
कब तलक फेरी करोगे

तेरे प्यार की कसक में
ओ खुदाया;
हंसी भी, कभी
आंसू छलकाये जाती है

परेशान हूँ आपने आप से, की
पास होते हुये भी
नज़र, धुंध चुपाये रहती है

रहम खुदाया, रहम
मासिहा की इनायत कर दे

Monday, February 22, 2016


मधुर वाणी,  कर्णधार लिये
कौन वहाँ जाता है राह थामे हुये

निहशब्द काया, पुलकित हृदय
कौन घोलता है रस द्वार वहाँ

थिरकते बादलों के पार
निश्चल, पावन ठेह आसार

रीमझीम रीमझीम बरस, की
कौन कौंधता है भय आतुर हुये

एक मन, ग्यात अथाह
किस मंज़र पर फुल खिले

निमित अश्रुधार की बेला में
कौन वहाँ जाता है आँचल के ख्वाब में

Sunday, February 14, 2016

O, Maa Mahamaya!

O, Mahamaya! thine
Flight of stairs
Gives nameless charm
To collyrium mine,
Surging billows of resplendent joy
that conglomerate towards lapis lazuli sky
Seasoning variegated foliage
in eternal garden
Dressing all nature around me;
As I hymn thy praise

O, Mahamaya! the enchantress Godmother
Take no heed to my collyrium
that I mirrored thine;
As I give all my passions and sloth
to dance thy way
Stretching my begging hands with unblinking eyes
To musk thy essence whole, and
Cul thy lap
in eternal warmth;
Giggling my childish smile, toothless

O, Maa Mahamaya!


Blobs of cripple paint
Slide down the bruised wall,
wasting down warped space
Whose canvas I stretch, rootless
Stroking my wider brush
cantankerous and fossilised
Every touch, invisible
Keep my feelings drowned
In an ocean unfathomable deep
To every form
I slant my imagery;
Whose brightness, cut my shadow deep

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Congeal not
Thy basic ingredients
Making stolid
The sloth;
Devoid of mentality, mass and motion

The dentures, the little-little stars, fixing
Every toothless skies
Dark and grey,
Stretching its bound;
With twinkle and smile

The boundless bound
Blazing the space, fluttering
Thy golden wings
Venturing the unknown
To sheath thy soul


I know not
Who you are
Spreading all-around
The life's whim
Giving reason to my understanding
Churning thoughts after thoughts

Did one life was not enough
To Axe my breath
Knocking death's door

How was your presence
That swayed every faith in you
Till I bought a coffin
To measure my length
Giving one more kneel
To your bearing
Galloping far and above

Did one life was not enough
To search you behind
That long corner of marrow and bones

Weary the nights flakes

I float universes
To birth inside you
Yet you gap a void
To empty the rush

Dream often comes
Wide awake
Yet you flake my eyes
With drops of icicles

I hold my steps
Lest I worry you not
Yet mire are my act
To see your cry


A definite and meaningful haze of
Nebulous vesture
Command multiple skies
With glow and dust
In ever expanding fabric of the universe

We yell our thoughts
With chant and earthy faith
To comprehend the reality beyond, while
Quixotic and impulsive tide
Belie our earthy romance

The need accure multiple births
A vicissitude of change
To mutate life, with
Bigger womb, and
The cry of will


Nature's sway was
an eclectic swoon;
An obeisance
To all inquiries, fulfilled

Mine was nascent, still
Beckoning the truth;
Nudging day and night
To crimp me into a shape

My present toll was
The bridge, that
'm crossing from an end,
with a hanging heart


Dispositions are always, toothless;
Sans any smile.
It has wisdom of ages
Sluicing through loving eyes and sagging skins

Hearts cavort merrily
Prancing suns and moons.
It has ages of earth
Heaving mountain of skies

Galleries and museums
Vie for the running sole,
Tapping its foot
Invisible to our naked eyes

Warm breeze and supple face
Pout wisdom in space;
A clear expanse
A rainbow after the rain


When I sit, lonely
Drooping my heads
In silent prayers;
A slight hump weigh
Down my spine
On the vast inane, useless;
Laying fearful creep
Cracking mercurial heights
With feverish shiver
A witness, to pale my bones

Your untimely dark wit
Trick me
to an unfathomable quip.
A condemned man, me
Attending every wars
of this fearful nights
An oblation, that
I keep ready
To hurt you
By my prayerful arms


I take refuse, again
Inside silent spur
With forward urge, winged;
Bending my head up
Towards besmirched sky
Signalling the smoke, that
Sooting was an election day
To rejoice the silent play;
Above the thunder


Let me inhale
The breath of your splendour
The old and the new,
Wisdom of mountain sage
The playful rocking trees
To willow my heart
Supple and tender;
And wallow myself
a pleasure roll,
The dusk and the dawn;
Thawing the mountain peak
In soft and flowing tears
To lance my heart
To me, to you
In one breath
To do me, rigged
to my unblinking eyes


What inertia I hold
By my pistil heart
Is, to bloom
And spread fragrance
Pollinating seedling of love
In directon charted, and
Uncharted land
Mapping direction of heart 


Today I ate my difficult lunch;
Rice, chappati, potatoes bhujiya with less activity, and
Lesser of palatine in my mouth
As mucous was forming dry

The lunch plate was not at all finished;
Bits of food were still sticking the base,
Forming a bright and big eye to my eagle eyed teen age daughter.

Saying nothing infront of me, straightaway
She rushed to her mother, asking
Why father is eating his food slowly and taking time to eat ... leaving many chunks of chappaties, half eaten Rice and nice smelling potatoes bhujiya on the used plate.
Her mother told her, may be your father don't like potato bhujiya or smaller rice or hard chapatties. It doesn't suit his palate.

My daughter said nothing. She kept, what was supposed to keep inside her small memory.
Next day the lunch hour came as usual.

I was not in the mood to eat my lunch as I didn't supposed what was new into the menu.
But by second thought I sat with heavy pose to take my lunch.
For a while ago the table was empty, and
Lo, some familiar essence wafted the whole room.
The menu was garlanded with ladies finger, kofta of shimla green chilies, sweet smelling curd, matar paneer, full blown chapatties, basmati rice and many more..

I put a curl of eyes towards my better half.
She knew.
It all happened when our daughter went to the vegetables market and came with a basket full of my choicest vegetable along with all the delicacies

My daughter overpowered me.
That is what empowered women can do
With silence and understanding
She won what was there to own.
Satiated, I dreamt lesser of my food, than
The empowerment of women
Which can do wonder


All occurrences,
seluth a meaning, behind
The rugged past
Sliding the planks of time

Tectonic movement
Put a thicker feet to crust,
Slovenly erupting
Molten messy core

Though, you heave
Your own beaten track;
Selling, lie to every birth
To every birth in death

Your air have lesser oxygen
Breathing nitrous fumes.
Euphoria lure me a meaning
Beyond the whip of time


Just the moment theatre curtains
were rolling down for a close, and
Actors and clowns were slipping away to their homes after blowing their voices
to a phenomenal performance on the stage;
At that moment of the midnight hour
I felt a pause, spilling
flicker of my burning heart:
Is that the ripples of an act
was playing ashes
to my beat,
A silent trepidation, obliquely
running through my veins 


Whose rosary count
You bead, planetary motions
Churning the void

Your space arm
Gain momentum
Flagellating strings of faith

Your pasture, rollover
Grazing my feeding heart
Tolling bells


By polished boots and inflated wheels
You tap and tow;
Driving your desire, screeching
On slaty grey city roads

By what scented hound
You pull and wag your distended feet
Stretching tendon muscles, down
To Achilles heel

You rove your ulterior motive
Clinking glass,
pub after pub
Dancing hand to hand

Mine are bare and cracked feet
Walking the earth's way;
Where the farmers till their lands, and
Soil, grove a blooming farm

I keep no bearance to city roads
Seeming selfish and terse as tar.
Mine are the hungry ones
That cry, when parents go toiling their fields

My sweat are salty and sticky
But detour a region, sweet;
When the world sleeps twinkling with stars
I spade one more step for a brighter tomorrow


A thunderstorm, roars
Ripples in the skies

An unruly wave, creek
The narrow inlets of the darker den

I draw penchant
Fighting the mighty dark

I taut my strength
Marrow to my bones

Here I go, to redeem
Arrow of my love

I subdue the mast of mountainous crest
With a cusp of my folded arms


No useful words, pacify
Voluble thrust to any meaning

Whose existence I prey upon
Digressing in an aimless wander;
Superfluously pumping out, stale breath

All ink dries down, pale and rootless;
Feeble and crumpled, life pages won’t flip

Whose books are leaning the sky stacks
Full of dust and rusted time;
Miserly flipping low of strength

Fixing space with a nail, with one hedge,
I keep myself safe

Unruly time intrude my stony silence
Paving time to crush the lot; yet
From the wanton deep, I take to willful win

Saturday, February 6, 2016

सांस की नर्मी का अहसास

ताकिये की ओट में
मुंह को रजाई में लपेटकर, अकेले
हाँथ को समेटे हुये
हाथेलियों पर सांस की नर्मी का अहसास
मानो पल को दोहराना चाहती है
साराबोर करना चाहती है

दोभासिय मौन को, अदृश्य
मन की वयथा भेदती है;
ना जाने किस आहट का संकेत देती है

जिस अनुराग और प्यार से
असबद सिलवते लेती है
मानो गैर को भी आमनत्रित करती है
हाथेलियों पर सांस की नर्मी का अहसास ....