Thursday, March 26, 2015


How I cut and file
My longer nails
The beloved of birth until death
you always grow
to witness
all my pale hues;
The life
in seasoned pain and
gleam of crawling joy

All wedding rings pass through you
All pain remain your silent witness
Neither you beat a word
Nor you echoes thy pain

How lovingly must I groom and
file your pain
you fall down lifeless
with invisible ooze:
The blood of my heart

My own never care
And I never cared to wipe my eyes
Dear my nail

Still longer shadow linger
To swaddle thy warmth
in a piece of velvety calm

Dear my nail!
That which cul
Grows my shadows tall

How I cut and file
My longer nails...


At that time, when
You did not dwell
Into my melancholy;
You nurtured me
By your loving tales
Conveyed feelings,
by your own;
Half the dream tinkled
Half the day tranced

You might have changed
by now, I guess;
As my skins are not tight
as of yesterdays,and
Yet the hours have not plucked
My wings

At that time, when
You knew me the best
And, did have an impulse
for what I could not guess,that
hours would come, timelessly;
Rolling by the feet
Dancing my ways

You have changed
by now, I guess;
As sombre melancholy, wrap
the ungainly hours, and
Yet the abode heavenly, dwell
Not into my ways


Switch off the gloom
clogging my dark room

To the longest breath
I silt my heaviest drudge

What telling of bony tale
that sludge my heart, a pale

Night's darkest pigment
colour my abandoned flesh

To savor delight, thee
hang me by thy strongest cliff

You seize the only respite
That dread, thy venomous fang

What flavor I name thee
As you scatter my remains

To thy cosmic kiln
I smelt thy space


Where the rose
the mountains, bloom;
There, I find friends
as my golden peak

Where the passion
the oceans, roll;
There, I find home
as my glowing clime

Where the blue
the skies, extends;
There, I find language
clearer than the tome

Where the sun
the beam, paint;
There, I find
my nature glaze


No result accrue
by your definition of me
Yet, you contrive
a great feat
to find me

by morality;
uncloaked and bare
your disembodied self,

The fire, that
lathe by my heart
to work
by your nihilist end

The problem
that grope; expressing
language of your vowels,
how to lose me!


I will sob
by the wish of God

When the heart will not work
I will pace by pacemaker

When my limbs will get ampulated
I will extend it by fulcrum of steel

When my face will get burn
I will get by plastic surgery

When rosy hair will bald
I will grow my wig an instant

When the baby will cry
Synthetic milk will pry

When the pencil will get shorter
I will write by bits and bytes

When the postal office will close
I will attach an email

When the flowers will wrinkle
I will paint it by essence twinkle

When all nature will pale
I will wail my tears profusely


I will cry
my wish to God!


When the mights of your height
Peek thy golden peak
I draw a beat
nearby to your heart

Wishing the palpitation
to bare my love, and
Pull mighty heave
near by you!

Ever thee reign
Ever you bloom
Ever the Moon dream
Ever the Sun beam

HaPpY B'Day !


What raison d'être
You fondle my harp
When reason sleeps
You heave a silent paw

May you blight
Staining my beat
Boundless yet, I keep the journey safe
Pruning my solitary heart

What justification
You validate to my stay;
Does not stars winkle
As you crave my way

May you amplify
Obscuring my wail
Colourful yet, I paint plume of life
Never carping my end

What somber thoughts
You enliven my heart
As I cry, inadvertently
You come by my ocean of tears

O, Poets!


Spaces recline, calm
Repose of murky wall

Hung paintings, unload
Confessions of heavy chest

Insects and dust, echo
Brutality they commit

Unwinged images, floats
The shameless gleam

All records, fence
The passing dreams

Curved hourglass, holds
And then let us part

Spaces pry, unperturbed
Flickering of love

The earth, dry
A dust onto feet

Yet, the spaces recline
The edge of nothingness


निःशब्द स्वाँस,
बुझते मन;
अब तो, झुग्गी झोपड़ियों 
से भी
राख की बू आने लगती है
पराया तन,
ह्रदय कण;
अब तो, सूनी राहों
पर भी
परछाई लहू टपकाती है
निर्गुण गान,
निर्जन द्वार;
अब तो, निशा
में भी
विच्छेद की लपट दिखाई देती है
The translation:
My heart pines for words;
even the thatched roof, stinks
before the incoming smell of char flesh
Other's body,
trifling heart,
even the forlorn roads, droop
to ooze blood from the shadow
The death song,
The door's dread
even the night, disown
the flame of life

Sunday, March 15, 2015


The reason
for the wick
to fuel love
rekindles both!

The flame
of fire, burns
the duo
The one and the HIM

If craze be
of togetherness
Let skies fume
witness of passon

The reason
for the night
to bloom
rekindles the dawn


Inebriated by HIS dropping love
I plop my ears wide
And, there
To a pause the bus screeched
And, woke
the winking slumber
To nuptial knot,
to the morning flutter
and thought in prayers.

To miseries, people mull
In deepest hour
And, aeroplane pave the skies in longest streaks

To deepest love in red
Miseries heave our heart

Such of beauty, comes
When misfortunes cries
And life compose, its
beautiful song!


Yesterday's thought
haunts the dream
Wake up
as in for a win
the airy nothing;
the mosquito fight
last night
I could not win


There, where the water flows
In mighty ocean heave, and
Beauty in glacier;
And the air breath, new
in morning freshness, and
fragrance bloom.
Oddity in words, have
No place to wreath and survive;
Just as lies, droll
An instance, dry; and
make it dark and gloom

Let beauty come
of its heart
Just as the milk, comes
By the dint of baby's cry!


No less, I count
the reality of my being
by its petite presence
tattooing a mark,
Throbbing my beat

Those who tap, bracing
The heavenly drum;
Lesser are the stories
to interpret,
pounding their beat

Old sermons, mount
A bigger nay,
As death plays
A safe exit, beyond
Heaven and the hell

No less, I count
The effusive heave
That heaped humor
By its verbose stand,
To say a bigger NO and the reality ‘great’.


To THAT, that
fits infinitely mine, there
I douse my heart

May you hid, behind
my soulful prayers
You can't your presence, delude

Baking half feed wisdom
I offer thee
My solitary heart

To THAT, that
blare crazy to my being, there
I hid a lump to my heart

Even as he could nullify my entity
So shall he reap
my togetherness


Suckle deep
litter of my inconsistent words
Finding tinge of tanned sky

Intrepid by my spirited form
I bore
the mettle of giant whopper

And rub a fib
In that dark murky gloom
To obtain its gory end

To all truth
I submit the gross
The body as well as mind


Sheen of thy amber eyes
My invariant crave

Dreams and desire
My begging bowl

Garments of steel and brass
The midnight hour

Exodus in drought and famine
The opaque mist

by the volcanic rocks
I tame the lust of strike


O there, the eternal self;
the one fold of the many folds,
do me once more
to crave thy image
where the mountain blooms, and
an ocean
wash thy feet

O the eternal, there!
Dissipate melancholy
by thy wisdom four
And succor my strength
rising great
the dead men alive

These of silvery nights, pant
To rasp
my feeble breath.
What mastery
this tiny life holds
But to incarcerate
by thy eternal wish
O there, the divine 'self'!


Ransom words
From the wisdom throat
the beating heart
ever vigilant in wilderness

Thought grows
in hushed murmur;
Yawning the gap
In clamped silence

It grows flute
of mad laughter
Where the mystery prevails
Invading the cradle
as child sleeps


Does she know
The height of her flight
Or, just
She flutters her wings
from the necessary bondage

To speak, and
Fulfill her wish!
Does she know
The motive behind
the markings of the cause

Such feeble
Thy faith, can't be
By thy end; but
To out-pass your knowing
"Who I am"

She knows
The acts of life
Masquerading the burning fire
And cooling
the water keg

Acting buffer
Between the rising sun
And the waning moon;
She writes,
Her daily deed

Monday, March 2, 2015


Haunting shadows
in bigger flux, erupts
the infinite void

Destined from nowhere
The sludge, as above
flounce the ramp, below

Gripping lust
Coveting nondescript
Cripples the life suburb

Jinxed by an evil eyes
fear creeps into,
To terror my vein

No 'one' clot was enough
To go away by my dread, but
An infinite lump to coagulate

Haunting deep and dark
The dingy maze,
Slice my chilling bones


Wear your coat
Checking false pride;
Knowing not, when
Screeching wheels
Will splash a dirt
Bloating your belly

Knowing all, that
What sparkles most as diamonds
Hide poison behind the lick:
A whooping paroxysm,
An aberration,
To the play of tie

Crease morality
To cease your vanity;
Knowing not, when
The yarn will worn out
Baring all your pride:
The stony eyes and flaming pyre