Monday, February 27, 2017


What is that
A Lotus, floating
In the mid air

O 'me'
of the buoyant other
Levitate unattached
Ethereal to my bonding

A You
Giantly unknown
Stands intermediate, railing
Between the two worlds

Subverse, those
Seperating spaces
Between us two

Whose navel is it
That has created the world
If not of Vishnu, then
of MahaVishnu


Who sits there
on an empty chair
invisible of body
posing a seat

Let us share unseen
The stretching of the day
Where beating hearts
Gain a momentous heave

Affirm a nod
Smearing the thoughts
Owing a debt
Thinning air surround

Was I not the one
Looming your whereabouts
While your viability, worked
Invisible to me


Switch off room light
Deep thought travels deeper -
through the walls
In the night

Strands of unweary shadows
Works into bigger bun -
backing black beauty
vigil of minions

Put off light frills
With decorative maze -
licking insects on the wall
A lizard feed

Repose cocoon
Denser into space -
half, covering the room
half, over the skies

Center the pupil
Darker into essence -
a black rose fragrance
Blooming the dark room 


One step further
I have given off your thoughts

by and by
The chaos, settles single
Down the unfathomable deep

Let you finish
Rumble, outdoor; as
Silence wade your roar

Stain dark
The foretelling of old flesh
Which was never my own

One step further
I go on leaving you far beyond

by and by
The buzz, settles single
On a delicate petal

Let you finish
Birth and death, outdoor; as
Other voice quiver my own

Take heed
The bidding of my heart
That takes summons of farther land


My mobile rang:
"Take me to a local doctor. Come faster!"
The same 84 years old voice.

The doctor is available only on Monday and Friday , and
today is Wednesday, I replied.

I recapitulated Doctor's advice in the background.
("Your Father is infected", said
The Doctor; pausing
"Both the kidney are showing small cyst on top", and
"I am prescribing a mild doze for healing and will not cure cent percent"
I nodded in affirmation)

The doctor was from reputed hospital.

I came back home in the evening as usual from the work.
Mamma showed me new medicine bought today -
Nimesulide, Cefpodosime Proxetil etc.

I kept mum

Let Friday come faster.


विचरने दो
लम्बी रात में
पंख भरे ख्वाब को
न जाने
किस रूह को  -
जुगनुओं की जगमगाहट
पाश में समायेगी 

Monday, February 13, 2017


Who turns the pages, over
The sweet little table lamp
While I sleep wide awake, limbless
Doing silhouette's work

Toiling whole night;
Brethrens of the dark
Took hold
Of my study chair

Lazily, I sliced an eye
Towards minstrel
doing its musical bid
Pages after pages

Satisfactorily I gasped
My sleep
with sound comfort
whistling by the nostril


A hair, tucked
over my bald head
took a girlish flavour

It romped
Frolicking forth
my heart, surround

It was easy blush
to auburn my heart, than
To colour my hair

I pitied those braided nurse,
That took a cap
In its trite cusp

A lone hair, did
A worthy hunk; double
Plaiting my heart


Who took a weaning curse
In broad day-light dream
Munching crispy and crunchy
Masticating the noise of the day;
While I was a suckling
The night, toothless
Young, rich with true innocence

You feign thickest
A crust of make belief
Like a walnut in your brain;
While I surrogate inside, distant
To my milky moon
Shooting stars, milking
Moon after moon


Never was heart so verdant
as nestling, chirping
Fresh dawn with golden beaks
And you by my side
Looking at my glowing face:
An outreaching glitter
Nestled in your radiating arms
Caring the care
Resonating the space
In ever expanse
by your munificence
Growing, chirp by chirp


I gain
Spreading my hands
Like a tree
How can I tell
Why skies, are
Mirrored in distance
That fall short
Of my growing up
Shedding autumn leaves
Treading wisdom, hoary
Over the top

Friday, February 10, 2017


An eerie silence, hem
The border of
Sleeping nights

Unknown fear, manoeuvre
a dance
of the infectious kind

It advances pressing its Cimmerian feet,
Ramming the dark air

No sight visible, accrue
The strength; lost
In this demolition act

Invisible demagogue, was seen
Posting its forked tongue

Licking the nights all over

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


A hair, tucked
over my bald head
took a girlish flavour

It romped
Frolicking forth
my heart, surround

It was easy blush
to auburn my heart, than
To colour my hair

I pitied those braided nurse,
That took a cap
In its trite cusp

A lone hair, did
A worthy hunk; double

Plaiting my heart

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


All mystical diversification
Play supple
An ethereal beauty
on an unknown path,
Suitor to inner peace, and
its playfulness
of a bizzare kind
glued to animated images
popping out of the air
giving one more way
for indulgence;
A prayer
Our heart


Hunger suffered, horsewhip;
taking a toll
on the barren space
without feed and the feeder
Where the gazetteer, was
digging an unproven expanse

How many visceras are
Taking tonk
On its defeated ends
death after death

Tiger with wings, are
roaring their teeth
on an empty air, and
Birds with fins
are doing their utmost bit
to swim

And yes, while hunger growl
Chimeras are defended
with full freshness; and
twilight vesper


Sail you, highest
On the air
Where your deepest thoughts
Deeper than you
Sail you, highest
Over the dreams
Where the unknown
A furlong distance
Sail you, highest
Down the lotus feet
Where supple hands will
An immortality on you


A Pythagorean
that I was
A real cashless poor,
Standing below at a far point
perpendicular to the
multistorey building
in hubbub of digital barter
Gesticulating wants of
Resident billionaires, were
pecking their eyes on digital fingers;
Lured me
to stretch my thoughts:
How much rooted are
these rich people
in cashless economy
zooming in their illicit money
by wants of boggy deeds
evading taxes;
hoarding much, and
drooling their necks more

I counted my fingers
As quicksilver
to a rising temperature, and
Square rooted both the axis
To find a longer hypotenuse, sloping
A gap from cash and the cashless
Rooted to bottom

Monday, February 6, 2017


न जाने ,  कब
वह आता है
एक पाश फेंक कर
चला जाता है

लीपट जाती हैं
सारी बांदिसे,  गुमनाम
एक शिसकी को
लहराते हुये

आह की आग, पुरजोर
हवा देती है
घी में सने हुये
तन को

बाकी अब क्या कहुं
चिता की आग में
एक बिन्दु हीं शेष
बची रह गयी है

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


A distended heart, swells
Fuming nostrils
in a deeper sigh

A blind rage
build muscles
On the fiery air

Prowling ravenous nights
A blitz, cannon
down the ribs

Ripping flesh;
Sharper than the nails
Grow elements of its kind

Bloody clouds
Pelt stones, cascading
Drops of blood

Multitudinous offerings, wait
The bestiary altar
Dripping down the space


एक दीये के लौ ने
ह्रदय को प्रकाशमय बना रखा है
निमित्त उसकी साधना में
एक विराट को समाहित कर रखा है

निर्लिप्त परे
आकाश मंडित गूढ को
पंचतत्व रूपी शरीर में
समा कर रखा है

अकिंचित  भोगी 'मैं'  को
अश्रुधार लिए
प्लावित कर
अपने स्नेहातित से सम्पन्न कर

एक दीये के लौ ने
हृदयाकाश में
सैंकड़ो आकाशगंगा को
फैला रखा है