Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time prejudice

We can travel faster than light
With the help of our mind.

The average speed of something
Faster than light is mind.

But there is something more
Faster than light and mind, which
Presently we are unable or incapable to comprehend.

Yes it is 'time' which is faster than 'mind'.
But there is a beginning and end of time,
Which predisposes its own comprehension?

Time is just a movement which seems real,
But is unreal.

There is no infinity as it starts from zero
And have energy.

We are made up of changes.
Mind is just a synaptic current.

There is something more noble than 'Time'.
But before its comprehension time must be understood.

We touch but don't touch but feel!
Time is prejudiced to touch and,
The feelings goes beyond TIME!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bending of thought

Reason is the parents of thoughts.
Is there any reference for the infinite?
Is thought living or non-living?
Can we catch thoughts?

Thoughts have vibrations.
Is it any product of material brain?
Is thought light or heavy in weight?
Can we weigh thought?

Thoughts are colorless.
Is it any mutation of color?
Is thoughts kaleidoscopic or black and white?
Can we imprint thoughts?

Thoughts have its by-products.
Is there any raw material for the make-up?
Is thought explosive or non-explosive?
Can we explore its benifits?

Thoughts have its own individuality.
Is it masculine or feminine?
Is it bold or soft?
Can we unite its single-ness?

Thoughts are noisy.
Is there any tuning-fork to tune the thoughts?
Are thoughts random or synchronous in nature?
Can we hear or touch thoughts?

Thoughts are protogonist of the story.
Is there any author of thought barring its, self?
Is thought written with the preface or index?
Can we comprehand thoughts?

Bending of thoughts sounds true!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yolk of thought

If we repress our thoughts,
It either bounces back through our body emotions
Or, gets transferred to the nature outside.

'm saint and 'm pious, serene and peaceful.
'm child and 'm playful and carefree.
'm terrorist and 'm killer and hard-hearted.

Thoughts can move anything.
Is not earthquake, hurricane, storm, flood, poverty;
The child of our repressed Bad thinking?

There is some-one who stored these ugly thoughts;
Seige the right-time and bounce-back with force and noise.

Who over-powers whom?
Good wins over evil,
Or, Is it vise-versa in the form of natural catastrophe?

Thoughts are infinite.
Can we frame it accordingly onto its merit.
Are not thoughts the slave of our language Alphabets?

Is not depletion of Ozone-layer, the melting of North-pole ice,
The harnessing of Natural Resources, the brain-child of our thoughts?

Our yolk of thoughts is not fertillized with a Healthy-sperm!
We relish it on the dinning table,
And, not let it become a functional multicellular.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Is union a binding of disintegrated Harmony?
Is the binding an automated response to the harmony in nature?
Is supremacy hibernate the fighting instinct?

Dilemma here is not the populated thoughts,
But a single whole from where the thought emanates i.e. mind.

If love knows no bar, then where the unknown disappears.
If there is harmony all over, is there a need for a union?

Is union an explosion for the end product?
Making up of new integrated harmony.

If all thing is disintegrated irreversibly,
Then what is there, for thinking of unison.

Time unites all things;
But, can time be united itself?

If time the leader, can't it be in unison by itself?
Then union alone is reduced to its own probability.

Can harmony be reversed?
If yes, then there is a chance for a bond with integration.

Union makes us bask in its soothing effects.
Union is inner peace, no turmoil;
Union is honey, no bitterness;
Union is an integrated whole, no disintegration;
Union is always present when we are in harmony.
That's it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup starts

World Cup starts.
More joy, more celebrations,
The gathering, the ecstasy, the sports,
Mingle in Harmony.

The air show, the stadium show
And the show on the faces of all soccer lovers.
The joyfulness on the face of Desmund Tutu,
Seeing above, with his closed eyes and folded hands.
Summarises the essence of the Game.
There is something more to the smiles
Than the pretention of smile.

It started with an even note, 1-1 between
South Africa & Mexico.
Significance starts with one and
Let Singularity of One unite us All,
In all the fields i.e. Sports, Polities etc.
Abstract and Non-abstract must dance in union.

Let us all make an understanding
And understand the truth behind the football.
Let freedom shine above, like a star.

Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Nelson Mandela!
Freedom, freedom, freedom!!

A cup holding the soccer ball.

Review: Published by 'vox poetica'

Thanks to Annmarie Lockhart, editor of 'vox poetica'!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Virtues are not cultivated, but
The bonafide residences of virtues are cultured.
The whole physiognomy remains as it is, but with slight changes,
And the inner turmoil oozes in azure i.e. the serene and peaceful remembrance.

Luck can't be discarded with disdain.
It must be respected reverently, as
It makes us happen to meet our friends,
And that with the purpose i.e. th focal point "The Taj"

Who says 'Friends' can't be cloned?
It can be cloned into fairies and angles.
Don't we think, daughters and sons are
Their fairies and angles!

It is no wonder that there are seven wonders!
If there are more than seven friends,
The arithmetic says 'the wonder keeps on its further journey...'
Into the infinite undefined!

The policeman came and ordered:
'Go!; get in queue at the back!'
The gentle pull unremittingly made me feel,
The entrance gate inside the Taj is not far to cross.

The petrol (unsure) leaking from the CNG gas car!
'Palson Motors' came to rescure virtually.
The 70-80km speed scaring the nerved...
The silence was in the making, children's were feeling drowsy.

A stop at 'Jai Gurudev'
The mineral water, the 'freedom fighter' etc.
Good Night, 'll talk to you tomorrow!!

Great FRIEND!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Death is layered

Haiti, Tsunami, Terrorism...
Death, death... everywhere!
We all are affected by this,
And the death of the people i.e. near and dear ones.

The echo effect of death is just for a moment,
And it vanishes when the next death sounds the bell.

Many a cry, many the sympathizers…
And the story goes on as ever before.
Diagnosis is pre-emptied and the cure is semi-transparent.
The cure for the affected families is for the moment only.

The whole disaster evaporates in oblivion,
Nothing is kept for the conscious!

It is just a moment truth,
And the trust is burdened upon the past.
Lots of speeches provoked, laden with untold miseries…
But the affect is self-made by the speaker.

Does anybody think that i.e. that was my mother, father, sister, brother etc.?
Proclamation is distant and the affect is near.

Killing is substitute for the over-burdened mind.
Death is normal for the Death itself!
Death is layered by the onlooker by the previous death.
The meaning of death is partaken by the un-dead!

Review: Caper Journal Monthly Journal

Caper apologizes for not being able to use your piece this time aroud. However, we do see that you are talented writer. Please feel free to submit again, as we only print a limited amount of work per issue, and not every piece works for our aesthetic-even if it is written well.

Caper's editor, Lisa Marie Basile; personally loves this article ...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Death paralyses time

I have seen someone dying.
I have seen my friend's mother dying from an accident.
I have seen my elder sister dying from 'breast cancer'.
I have seen dear one's father poisoning himself.

I have been to my mother-in-laws funeral.
I have been to hospital to see my wife taking cylinder's oxygen.

Death either it comes from an old age i.e. grandmother.
Or, from cancer, heart-attack, accident, health problem etc.
(Death) paralyses time!
It makes us visibly blind.
Time doesn't have any future or past, because
It itself is not conscious.

Death seems to think it has paralyzed time, but
Consciousness disintegrates slowly and slowly.

All relationships i.e. father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, sons etc.,
All binds us.
There always is a bond in relationship but no attachments.

We have all learned about food-chain, the enter-dependence.
We are all bonded by the medium which is interconnected.

The green-house effect is increasing. We all are harnessing nature.
Certainly one way or the other death negates life.
Planned death is foreseen but is forsaken by reason or faith.

Catastrophe will come undefined in another form,
And death will level us all, and
Nobody will be alive to say,
Death paralyses time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Zero" : A discovery by Aryabhatta !
There must be an alternative of 'Zero' .
Let us go beyond 'Zero' and think of a substitute for it then only we could search for the meaning of the ultimate truth in this undefined visible and invisible universe.
It could certainly helpus to search the meaning of "Theory of everything".
We can go beyond time i.e. time travel.
"Zero" has given us binary system, logic, rational and irrational numbers.... but may be other "Zero" or its alternate could make us go further or topsy-turvey the whole concept coming out of 'Zero'.
Let us search for more concrete, more defined, more refined other "Zero" to peep inside the dipper hidden secrets of "The Whole" !

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pure and detached

Imagination is the umbical cord of Consciousness.
Time is mother-tree and it gives birth to unripe fruits as well as ripe fruits.

New born child cries (a biological need).
He is thought; detached, helpless by himself but mother (time) cares for him.

More the imagination soars more the turmoil.
And farther and farther away the answers seems to repel each other.

Time is not ruthless, fearful, ugly demon.
It is neither caring, benevolent and loveable but is pure and detached.

A newly-born and the person dying are both helpless.
They are not attached to anyone either with their mind or body.

Baby when inside the womb is attached with umbical cord for the sustenance.
Born! and the cord is cut.

As the baby becomes conscious of itself; he imagines," that must be my mother".
And the time comes for negative and positive charges to attract each other.

Can we imagine as a new born child that "I am the father or mother of my mother".
Oh, we are travelling back in time!

If newly born child could think so it becomes mere replacement.
He/she can't go back in time!

Illusion is born out of consciousness and imagination sustains it.
Time remains as it is, may be going forward or revolving on its axis.

As I myself am imagining, consciousness is the gas stove,
And there are lots of recipes to be savoured with.

There is no place for errors, falacies or critricism in imagination,
A long as consciousness is made to live on.

Let us invent something new, bereft of imagination and consciousness.
let us go beyond all this.

Imagination is the 'kept' of Consciousness.
Keep moving in the direction of time, pure and detached.