Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yolk of thought

If we repress our thoughts,
It either bounces back through our body emotions
Or, gets transferred to the nature outside.

'm saint and 'm pious, serene and peaceful.
'm child and 'm playful and carefree.
'm terrorist and 'm killer and hard-hearted.

Thoughts can move anything.
Is not earthquake, hurricane, storm, flood, poverty;
The child of our repressed Bad thinking?

There is some-one who stored these ugly thoughts;
Seige the right-time and bounce-back with force and noise.

Who over-powers whom?
Good wins over evil,
Or, Is it vise-versa in the form of natural catastrophe?

Thoughts are infinite.
Can we frame it accordingly onto its merit.
Are not thoughts the slave of our language Alphabets?

Is not depletion of Ozone-layer, the melting of North-pole ice,
The harnessing of Natural Resources, the brain-child of our thoughts?

Our yolk of thoughts is not fertillized with a Healthy-sperm!
We relish it on the dinning table,
And, not let it become a functional multicellular.