Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I can live
With meager of food
Only my sight
Obeys not
Thy beat
In agony of
My wait
O my dear!
O My lovely Dear!
How much long enough
My eyes will turn to Sky
And gurgle an ocean
To my throat
Long my breath stretches
Long my journey halt.


Why you steam
Your rice
And bake
Your bread

I am
Not hungry
Of your
Blatant feed

Why you
Break twigs
Attached in green

Pour not
Your guilt, on
Freedom mine

My eyes
Feed longer
Than your mouth

Canonize not
Your deed
In manner overt

A face pale
Will churn
Your cell

Flare not
My memory, in
Compassion keep

Steam not
Your rice and
Bake your bread


Give me a distance
To plug in my smile

Waxen my words
In an unbroken flow

Dehydrate your face
I have oceans to keep

Mirror me not my belongings
I fear your presence

Give me my freedom
Flag off my silence


Delude me
An abstraction
Where my presence

As I breath
An ether,
The voice churns
It empty

What perfection
I search,
Fetters bound gloom
Hovers cloud

Fluttering to my
Broken wings
I regale realilty
In writhe of pain

There it emanates
Reality bound
Sans any orb
In eternal silence


Why keep silence
In motion disguise
Many volcanoes rises
Tearing thrice

Affirm thy say
In motion play

So the Sun rises
So the Moon dances

Why flush a bluff
In eternal gulf
Crack a thunder
In asunder twice

Portion my whole
In potion of thy love

So the leaves sways
So the water waves


Implore not
Thy demand.
IT has
What the
Hanging eyes

Many wills
Charm abyss.
IT has
What the
Mountain of heavens

Come by
The horizon.
IT meets
A kiss
Conjuring love
Occurring in time


Clutching the chasm
Deep down the rim
Urban words soot
The chimny smoke
To gyrate black spill

Vesture of dust
Mushroom a reign
Engrossing the height
Trapped inside
The atmospheric ring

Solicit the Soul
From the fire veins
Trailing a definite line
Till the certitude
Affirm not thy solitude


Splash the words
In an irregular take
Nothing here stays
But the taste of the beat

No leaves dead or
The autum gale
Works a saviour
Sprinkled over the space

Perpetual firms break
In legal pursuit
Let unwonted gush
Luster the splash

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Art in act
Dough the clay
Twist and turn
Moments slice
Marking live
The bliss-day
He was born
On the stage
Called life

Body bedecked
With glory n gaze
Mounted with
Hats of compassion
Heaved love
Inside the heart
In every air
He inhaled

And when the time
Came for departure
Every particle of
Glittering sands
The make of body clay
Spake the language
In universal truth:
Soul takes you beyond
The bury of body rust!


In that seemingly
Far away land
My heart pulsate

I quarter my stay
One beat to sky
Other beat to sea

In fusion of whole
I blink a journey
Where thoughts grow

Space stretch hands
In mire of my being
Till the last respite

Daily the Sun glows
Daily the Moon peeps
Daily time ticks away


In that trodden land
I have reaped
Many a fruits of love

Day night her cuddle
Heave the heart, to
Nestle my curl

A single cry would
Pull the heaven down
And rain the milk

Never it happened there
That I smiled the reflex
And not received the fondle

Every debt of her love
Will never extinguish
The flavour to my soul

Shoddy and supple now
Thy skins sag the bones
The sight cry thy look

Mother, beat me not
By thy old age
I am ever eternal son

Still my lonely heart
Crawl thy love
In universal feed

Whenever I escape the time
I pillow thy love
In witness to my being

In that trodden land
I have reaped
Many a fruits of love


Very strongly
I revolted
To the notion, that
I can't see with
YOUR eyes

And quite suddenly
What quirk fancy
My mind grasped:
A wail from my own;
Aghast, my mouth opened

Flooded with tears
I tore all presumptions
Sat besides
By the little corner
Weighing the thoughts
Delivered by iron will
And questioning
"I can't see with
YOUR eyes"!


Flaunt not
To parade thy wisdom

The crown on thy head
Will speak your silence
Buried under the Taj
Of your tomb

Colour not
To paint thy dreams

Many doors are open
To journey thee away
Tunneling the space
Behind thy void

Twinkle not
For a lullaby say

Many stars falls down
In streak of fire
Bleaching the sky
In light of the Sun rays


Leaves of trees
Rustle a whisper
Towards the haughty
Look of pinion grass
Syawing to measure
The length of height
To which tree grows
Its tanned branches

What tiny strength
The grass reaps
Many bold trees
Float the dust
In storm so strong
Lapped with envy
Sheds autumn leaves
To join the party
In whisper of grass


Stones bloom
A flowery touch
In mountain love

So I gather sky
Where my meteor
Wisp a cool
To my eternal air

And the days
Count not its demise
But the one-ness
A platform for all

Sweetness spreads
Wings eternal
Where the stones
Chance a bloom

Now every stone
Will carve a petal
And the flower
Will bloom again!

Monday, October 14, 2013


The nature
Partook a stand
In witness
To my love

It played with 
Seasoned toys
In mirth of
Becoming and unbecoming

Celestial nurture
Rafted me away
Fed me with milk
And strength infinite

And lo! 
Here I come
Oozing love
Behind thy eyes

Who could behold
Nature sight
In one-ness of
Player and playee!


Passion floats
Clouds high

Who tills 
The vast sky 

Space heath 
On mountain tops

What the say
Of deep sea

Vegetation cultivate
Moments change

One season, sea
The other, sky!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Why you are
So swollen
And hurt me
With your words

I just wanted to
Stitch the gap.
And you mistook it
For a needle prick

Universal language
Of love
Still changes
Its hue

Still the bargain
Creases in
Through words
And colours

Why you blush
And turn away.
Never I gather storm
Nor I keep peace

All play
The questions
In worldly tricks
To a broken man

Why they poke
A dead man
To see
A flesh of love


What say I
Of tranquility.
All Composure gathered
Escaped my preview
Something sneaked
Below the spine.
Unwonted volcano
Snatched my peace

Madly perplexed
Meaning sprouted:
This ember
Called life
Runs on
Battery of breath
Who knows
Who will
Breach the contract

What say I
Of remains.
All utterance
Encountered a vacuum.
Something silently
Escaped through
The body mine.
A meaning
Which stole
My all.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Stretch the compass
Measure two nights
Which makes a day

Stretch thy hands
Weigh thy love
In tight compress

Stretch the dreams
To raft thy path
Disguised as truth

Stretch thy being
Comparing none
Thy sole reality

Stretch thy faith
In incense of fact
Refute not thy verity


Whose hold
Was it
The glass cracked
And crumbled to pieces
Spilled the vacuum
In definite quake

Spine chilled
A begotten say:
My fora was ready
To take a birth
On some table
With a glass
Filled with
Transparent brew

But alas!
Who broke
The glass, first!

O Rabba

O Rabba, mainnu
Ki lor pai gai
Jadon bhi dekhhan chalye
Nazar aanda hai!

[(In Punjabi) Inspired ... Abnesh Kumar Batra Ji  .... Nanded, Maharashtra.]

Translated thus below:

O God

What scarcity
Pounded on me
When I pined for YOU
I found thee


Seek me not
Pleasure mine
I lay perfect
In numb void
Down where
No light sips
Nor the skins
Cover smiles

Many obituaries
Will glance
A shadow dance.
The make
Once Layered
Sky high
Will crumble
To conjure space
For the denizens
Resident of 'Other-land'!


One blink, a Day
The other, a Night
Catch me
With your
Unblinking eyes.
So much passion
I keep alive
In thy womb
In thy nurture
Thy sight Divine!


While the night
Opens its door
I mull the path
In stretch dark

Sitting besides
The terminal line
I rilled my eyes
In flow unabated

A cavern so deep
Rouses to
Engulf me
Betting a trod


Sit by my side
O, the wanderer beam
Each morning you hurriedly come
The next moment
You topple Earth

Nest thy head
On my eternal soul
Let me chirp thy fame

Each day passes thus
Chanting thy name!


Confound the
Celestial might
As you lie
Mirrored on the sea

Transmute a reason
As the sky falls
To a prey

But, Lo!
It speaks unreason
Delighting me.


Mirror me
In your silent depth
Doth thee not see
It was I
Who spake
The glory
In your make

I have reason
To discard 'unreason'.
Not a bit
Will comply
To the demand
In residue mine.
It was all given
Which was mirrored in thee!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


In the chirp
And the flap
Dawn comes

Reality thumps
Its presence
In day break

Many Earths
Round the Sun
Many morning breaks

Hide the Moons
From tearing dark
As the Universe glow

Saturday, October 5, 2013


What more
Joy abounds
In flapping wings
Raining clouds
And walking roads

Paddling space
Journey transcends
What more
Silence preach
In leaf pluck
And coffin perch

Ever the desert
Will rain clouds
Ever the water
Will quench thirst
What more
For the cry!


Rain a drop of silence
In thy cupped hands
O Mother!

Surge an ocean of love
Adrift me
In heaven of thy compassion

Cling me to thy bosom
Wipe all the scalding tears
Grapple all my abyss away

I guard my existence
Till the pulse of my breath

Ruminating a bow
I prostrate
At thy loving lap

O Mother!
Caress a drop of love
In thy supple hands

Friday, October 4, 2013


Very softly
He came running in
To kindle the spirit
And kindle my soul

He slipped through
Every cell
And every pore

He took my measure
In every pulse
Very softly
I became of him

Very softly
He handled my say
Calculating my alphabets



IT  bleeds miracle
In seminal growth
Where one could see
The creepers grow
Inside shrouded walls
Peeping through
The shell cracks.
In umbilical cut
Still with love
The freedom bask.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Sitting on a chair
Empty of any act
In coercive sob
Turned a cursive glance
At the animated bed
Where imprints
Of real cartoon
Played havoc
To my soul

Zippy and zingy
They hopped and popped
From inside the bed
And above the bed-sheet
I played my hearts out
To enliven my present

Saying goodbye
To all the fellow brethrens
In recursive mood
My 'other'
Took to my chair back
Contemplative of the play
All quail disappeared


What swan clouds
Tread in grey white
Tilts an open gaze
And parted beaks
Platter a quack
Flooding the path
In motion thought
All transmuting
All morphing
To the divine will

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Clutch the breath
In tight embrace
Till time consumes
The vast expanse

Say thee not
In whisper caught:
Satiated by the stay
You feel liberated

Resonate it
Till the stars blinks
Till the Sun flares gore, and
Moon fathomes its own light

Show me the next door
Where the other inn
Paves me a path
Through thy eternal doors

Revel me in thy
Divine dance
Distance the gloom
In cosmic inn


Needle my words
In thread of thy love

Stitch thy compassion
In patch of my breath

Carve me a dress
In thy azure and glow

Weave a flow inside
To conquer my beat

Wade me through
Wed thy grandeur

Yield a pliant stand
In thy supple hand

A child was I
A child will I become

Smeared with mud and rain
I play in thy ground

Orb me with a dawn
With thy divine rays

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Say a tale
In touch
Of thy whisper

Call back
Of my love

Put a hold
To the music
Of my soul

Drop a pulse
In fibre
Of my cell

Sea of love
Float as waves
In depth undefined

Rumple body
Tousle thought
In caress lap


The whole today
Was busy with
The game of

I was enraptured
By the glow
The golden yellow
Touching prime high

It was burning
At the banks of river 'Ganga'
The log
On pyre bright

The occasion
Tried to nod its importance
But alas!
It did NOT.

I vaguely knew that
He was no more.
All memory scattered
In oblivion

Now, nobody
Will say my name in hand
With the box
Full of sweets

"O my Son-in-law"
Never ever will echo
This familiar sound.
Father-in-law is NO MORE!