Saturday, September 28, 2013


Bring not space
Between you and me
Defy the beginning
Defy an end

Drop the Sun
In the fire of love
Quench a sip
In lunar deep

Passion spent, is
Passion regained
No two remains same
Newly wed bask
In lyric of rain

Garland the silence
Garland thy love
Stand mute
In froth upbeat

Friday, September 27, 2013


Supplicate my presence
In corner of thy heart
Conjure thy lovely form
In token of an art

Profoundest thy stay
In flicker of my breath
Torch the burial
The savior to all

Creep thy essence
In a drop of thy silence
Beget an existence
Barring me and all YOU!


How much love
Womb will surrogate
Inside a
Single stroke

Many barren
Got blessed
Many brazen

Rub the spark
To refurbish past
Carve the beloved
In fantasy
Of thy love!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hold me firm
In thy illusion.
Every reality
Suffocate my stay.
Whose birth
Was I.
Whose death
Will I become.

Walking heavy
With full steps
I stumble
Through the rocks.
Jungle of thoughts
Push me away.
Give me wings
To thy play.

Grant me a bypass
From the corner
Of thy heart.
Have lost
All that was addressed
To my past.
My present
Only remains
But till when!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Serve it hot, with
Sugar cube-drops
May it be earthenware
Or the fair porcelain

Spoon the churn
In sweetness turn
Limber the fluid
In perfect mix

Sip a drop
Between lips of love
Coagulate the remains
In eternal plains


Clouds dabs
Invigorating thought
In sky poke

Whiffs delight
Comes pouring in
Laded with perfume

Here the roses glow
Here the divine dance!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Spectre of strength
Surpassed the ether
Cajoled the waves
Drowned the bias
In nativity of love

So thee are Maaya Di
A live phenomenon
The spark for ignorant
A boon for disabled

Tongue is not worth
To my speech
Nor the words
To my silence

How I not say
To ply thy compassion
How I not dry my ink
On the pages of poetry

Unblinking the image flash
Slashing all the smokes.
Crystal thy heart
Clear thy love.

Regards go abound
In thy prime divine
Accept my offering
At thy lotus feet!


With a verbal brat
He gave a prat

A deep bellow
Gurgled down the pillow

Let out a wail
To secure a bail

Such a dearth
Never fathomed its birth

Keep the distance safe
In thy honey case

Savor not the taste
In such a gory haste

Speak the truth
In silent broth

Take the bane
To redeem the cane

Put a potion
On dote of motion

Layer the worth
To heal the earth

Monday, September 23, 2013


Before I could
Point an expression
For a chair ...

What little energy
Was left
At toil end

It got hold
The earthy squat

Sowed the seed
At the plinth, there

Now your term comes
To field a tree

So much wisdom
Lay buried
To get its sprout

You, the dwellers
Of city and statue

Dig a chance
Prowl the joy
In eternal spade

Feed it with sweat
And sweet smell of tanned skin

Crack the foot
In thy nectar ooze

Before I could
Regret my coming
In cry again!


Just for cause initial
Fenced a fort
In banal trite

Treasure opened
Streak of light
In morning diet

Touching, tweaking
Joy perched
Beside the soul

Volatility caught the muff
Falsehood and lie
In slur invisible

Ready for the rain
Droplets of pliable pellets
Drenched my soul

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Abrade the remains
In thy lathe of words

Be not be pretentious
In thy erudite fore

So swiftly consumption
Will see your door

It will erode
The gross in you

Wear away the breath
To polish my soul

Potion enwrapped
I pine for an end

Enliven the glee
In presence 'not'

You keep thy words
And I keep my silence

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Many flowers
Will spread
Hands of petals
In nature bloom

Many sightless
Will creep vision
In night delight

Many hungry
Will knock
An empty
Decorative vase

Many love
Will bear
Cry of pleasure

Many will
Get its due
In lust
Of clue

Many will
Take demise
In handful
Of incense

Many will
See an act
In apt silence!


Who calls there
In twilight blurr

The day has fallen down
And the time
For respite
Perch inside the
Horizon nest

Did I meet you somewhere

Who is calling, there!

A cloudy dusky net
Catches broken heart
With pretty holes

Who calls there
In pretension dight

Did you not recognise
The tattered look

Why you unlock your boat
And settle to west

Why you dim your call
Did I heard you not


The candle of time
Not by the its own flame
But by the heat
The spectre spread around

It surpasses
Its own beginning
Why it looks hazy
When the looker
Flash a static-vision still

All display
In crack and crakers
The enticer of pristine
Got hold of
The past, the present
And the future long

Many more tenses
Lay hidden
Behind streaks
Coming out
From the black fumes.
Melting of time,
Still has to say something more

Friday, September 20, 2013


Vision sweeps
Storm of dust
In glaze so clear

Vale of tears
Passes through
The gut so dear

Option searches
The space narrow
To fit a portrait
In gallery tomorrow

Talk, talk
The sight

It always happens
Garland fetches
The oval shape
In dimension
And measure
Of the frame


Give me
An avian start.
Attach clouds,
To my soft wings

Push away
Drudge of travail;
Below the walk,
The toil of day
The remorse at night.

I will give joy,
My flapping wing.s
The smile,
A sunshine.

Lofty will
I settle above,
Where the mountains
Cap its white-hat top

Wake me
From the reverie.
Any time,
The journey
Will start.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hatred look
Enervate thought
Crumbles memory
Poisons blood-stream

Parcel wrapped
Venom hissed,
Coiled force
Darted straight.

Blood oozed
Body motionless
Sticking name
To lost address!


My judgement
Stands a 'dot'
Against his
Judgement of length

My silence
Speaks a lot
Against his
Tons of talk

My biography
Tells half truth
Against your
Naked truth

My 'likes'
Changes hue
Against your
'Share' due

My 'Facebook'
Ink my thought
Against the
Desert storm

My whisper
Reaches you
Against your
Dream sleep

My incense
Burns sweet
Against thy
Unfathomable essence!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Kept the emotions
In safety of
Lips trembling.
Till it charred
Many an exits
Brown to black.
Bleeding nose,
Steam fumed

Occupied, a
Central space
In agora of
Unfamiliar duel
One side 'Life'
Other side 'Death'.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Manifestation embodies
The gulf so wide
You conclude an end
In beginning of life

There it wafted out
In silent footsteps
Unrepentant, unattached
The shadow of life

Term it with silence
The flickering light,
Wick away the soul
Shedding light in dark night

Companion of mouth
Imparted a dart
All across the heart
Oozing a clot in red

Say it with THAT
I ever will be your becoming,
Conclude with a start
In an eternal beginning


Eyes were less
Of a dream than
Thy face glimmered
A look of warmth

Purging dream
Eyes closed,
Reality thumped

Say with an act
The story of thy love

Rented a heart
In multistory building
Of love

Who knows
When the landlord
Will shake
The building root

Long before the demise
Epitaph was written
In an eternal book.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Made a bed
Of roses and pink

Come roaming
On the front gate

Walk a soft breath
Inside my heart

Regenerate matrix
In cocoon of thy love

Heal the world
Heal thyself!


Say a warranty:
Boiling water proof
108 Degree centigrade

Cloning, grafting
Hoping and popping
Blade and scissor
Doth delude
The overhauling

Layers of paints
Have eroded
The nature feel

Let all
Make home,
Termites or rats

The buzzing
And oozing life
Feed the consciousness

Do guarantee
Need an open space
With no 'kitply' doors

Let us not buy space
With door closed
And a 'degree' of proof

It was not humane
Which spoke thus,
My plywood door spake THUS!


The Sun so hot
In a fusion dot
Blaze the day bright

The Moon so cold
In reflection white
Droll the dreamy night

The fissure chap
A game in crack
Between the two

Who clips
The boundary
In a wedge

Does it limber up
A show
For a Grand Finale!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Let me give music
To the formless
That rises again
Enveloping you
And the silence

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I wept
A drop of tears
For an SMS
Not received today

In guise of blessings
I do receive every morning
The bounty of
Thy love, an SMS

How my palpitation
Starts my day
You only
Can know

My future stands
On the reality
Of thy trance waves
Comes piercing the sky

Offer me not
A reason
Why I got bereft
For an SMS

I say thee not,
What stands there.
I only can know,
What rodent nib my ear.

I wept profusely
How compassion
Filled thy heart
And I received thee not

I wept
A drop of tears
Warming my heart
For the coming tomorrow!


She inscripted
Foot prints
Of her soul
Made with her blood
On the pages
Death air
And on the water
Her last sip
She never quenched
Somewhere, there
On her bed
At Mount Elizabeth
Far away from her
Mother Country
Rending pain
In pieces two
Cutting the consciousness
In a paragons of virtue

Note: For an eternal DAMINI, the paragons of virtue!

Friday, September 13, 2013


कुछ और भी हवा दे दे 
ओ ज़हां वाले 
बुझती चिराग को 
ना जाने कब
कब्र की नसीब होगी

साए के नमी
के सहारे
जीवन कब तलक
रौशन होगी

अब तो वही
छल गया
जिसे खवाब में
साथ पाया था

उसी लौ ने
सारी उस्मा ले ली
जिस उषा
के सहारे
दिन हुआ करता था!


Hope benign
Dares to break
At the dawn

Streak of first
Golden rays
Bounce a touch

Chirping fill the ether
There it is born
Phoenix reborn

Handful of compassion
In gratitude, sticks
The palm straight

I close my eyes deep
And vision greets
From the sky peep

Now the Sun will
Take a chance
Will blaze the path

Now every stone
Sprout mountain
Every lotus, love

I can feel
All, that is;
And flow

Water seeps
Across crevices
Down the ocean deep

And the hope benign
Dares to break
At the dawn!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Longings never ceases,
And if, it!
Then the meaning
Never receives
The hidden treasure

As always
One-ness in all
So long
As the consumption
Takes a hold of time

The beauty

This poetry
Defies all
The words,
All that is IS

Only the whole
The saying:
The negation
Is just the outcome
The essence
Reign the WHOLE!

Love has
The power
To defy
Any system

It was pure,
In condemnation!
It is pure,
In acceptance!
BOTH are just the SAME!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Flower spreads
Its wings,
Petals stretch
The tentacles
In open arms

Occasion greets 
Buzzing bee.
It stops fluttering 
Riding on a 
Flower van

Wee hours, of
Joy and pleasure 
Starts transporting
Good omens
To all and alike

Essence grow
In direction whole.
What incense
Steam a charm
In a mist of love!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Tell a tale
In thy
Recital of woes:
Never will Stars
Sit in your lap, or
The Sun will
Beam your opulence.
The broken
Pieces of
Celestial top
Will enter
The circumference, of
Your zone.
It will slip-pass
Your deeds
On pages of void,
That your
Immortal soul
Has taken
A passport
To a country
Of yore.
Only the
Twinkle of eyes
Remains in a
Nod of blink;
It will wink
An illusion
In a touch
Of divine thought.

Monday, September 9, 2013


A room 
With the fan
Hanging down
And spinning high

A blood thirsty
Bat, mimic
The upturn
In deadly night

Denizen of an
Alien land
Cast a fear
In shadow dark

Whose footsteps
Crack veins, and
Mar the breath
Out of me

Saturday, September 7, 2013


What is poetry
In a drop of
Warm tears.
A verb of subjects!

Feelings cut
The pages of poetry,
Etching the lines
In blood red

Crown me not
With your looks
Albeit, kill me
With your words

When the soul
Lurks in dust,
Who summons
The storm!

What is poetry
In existence touch,
A corner of silence
In unlimited YOU!


Always there!
It searches
For the choice
In ripeness
Of an old age

It keeps
The darkest
Enigma of all
It envelops
The existence
Any time
Any place.
And still
Life sprouts,
Crying again

It keeps
A choice.
Only once
The chance
Comes deftly
Binding on all

Who is not
In love
With death.
Every instance,
Crazy time
Sips a parcel;
To be sent
In gallery
Of graveyard!

Friday, September 6, 2013


If for a, little
Bit more, I
Could have gathered
An extra love
Holding my fingers
In drooling walk.
All the thoughts
Could have crumbled
In greatness, of
Thy care. I
Could have, doodled
An universe, with
My sable brush.
Who cares:
Was it the work
Of madness
Or, of Masters,
Playing in unison
With my 'Whole'!


Illiteracy flows
Through my rustic
Torn attire
It smells of
Conglomerate many
Clutching in
Unitary whole

Respite comes
In wakeful alliance
That you were
Also so, the
Bondage of time

Where the pieces go
In fall ultimate
Never, it turns back.
Always the wisdom
Flows forward.

Illiteracy binds
The closer me
And takes
Not the height
But arms length
To sway in
Windy clouds!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Have lost
The touch with nature
When I knew
How to tie
A lace
To my shoes

Have lost
The music of winds
When I knew
How to button
A shirt
To my body

Have lost
The height of vision
When I knew
How to open
My eyes
To deep slumber

Have lost
The definition of you
When I knew
I was not different
To all your doings
Which defined

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Salty drops
Seek passion
And ways,
Across the cheeks

Uncountable tributaries
Down the face
Flowing wisdom
In an ocean of love

Why the heart
Teems with the beats
Does it have
Many hearts to collect!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Switch off
Prickling lights
Light bulbs
Hit the eyes

Need an hour
In silence dark
Bereft of light
And words too

Parked on bed
Art transforms
Raising fingers
In deep void

Closed eyes oozes
Colourful imagery
Sprouts surcharged
In beautiful inlay

Switch off
Remaining lights
Come hither
Summon the soul